Pacific Rim (2013)

I knew the action would be good, but I was surprised by how good the story was. Overall, I would give the movie 4.4 out of 5.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 97% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
is it actually possible to build a wall so strong that would keep out the kaiju?
hehe soon after I asked a news clip of a category 4 breaks through the wall in an hours time
hehe looking through the peepphole
welll this fight between the two shows Raleigh is the better fighter... which I guess earlier with the stick fighting (which appeared to mimic sword fighting) he also displayed quite some skill
huh. He pulled down the doctors eyelid "You've gone and done it haven't you. You goddamn moron."
I feel like it tactically didn't make sense to ground Raleigh and Mako even if they had a bad initial run; basically they were doing a 2 v 2 with 1 in reserve when they could have had a 3 v 2 with 1 in reserve and a chance to show the others that Raleigh and Mako were competent in a scenario outside the primary mission of delivery the bomb to the breach.
Huh. Hmm I thought the neural connection is just swapping memories. It doesn't make sense to me that his mind is now part of the hive mind
Hehe. Learned from his previous failure (check for pulse)
This slow moving vehicle. It looks cool when it throws punches but I feel the reality is that such a vehicle is inefficient. I think the neural network on the upper body while having a more vehicular multi-pedal leg system that could ground itself would be more advantageous
A baby. how convenient
Hah! Of course (comes to life)
Oh... but then dies
That's cute. Haha. The other scientist will drift in together to share the neural load
What!?! "It's not going to work." The question is why not and what will be the fix
Oh. Do they name the kaiju like they name tornados and storms
lol. what luck. the one kaiju just comes right at them and all they had to do was stick their sword through it
I'm guessing... Pentecost will solo take the Jaeger through the Breach
Huh? Did he just ask Raleigh and Mako to sacrifice themselves?
Hmm. Okay. Well apparently they will also sacrifice themselves.
Oh wow. He ejected Mako
He's able to enter the pod also... but they made it a close call
I thought people would try CPR before crying if a person is dead
Midcredits: the kaiju parts collector (Ron Pearlman) [Hannibal Chau] cuts himself out of the dead baby kaiju

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Pacific Rim (2013) Guillermo del Toro. 131 min

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