The Marvels (2023)

For the most part I enjoyed this film. There were some sappy moments coming out of Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel. To be clear, she's allowed to be emotional, but I think it was overdone. For me the highlights of the movie revolved around Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel, mainly for bringing personality to the movie. Of course one unfortunate aspect of the movie is that the villain was a letdown (I don't even know her name).

Rating: 3.6/5
Instant Comments:
so far Kamala is the most interesting of the three... Carol just seems too OP to be... I dont know... (we have to save who we can)
haha "I will drop high school"
Kamala seems like the glue despite being too young to be experienced (she chose a name for Rambeau, a name for the team, and here has Marvel come in for the hug)
hehe "she said that really weird"
nice little double dutch and training scene
hehe "should we tell fury?" is that ever a valid question?
hehe bathroom. it's funny cause in most cases it seems coincidental that superheroes/heroes are not needing to use the bathroom at inconvenient times
omg so cute. Kamala dancing. and asks why arent you guys dancing. Rambeaua was dancing a little and Carol said "i am dancing" but she was just basically walking
haha "what the hell" (Carol's dress transforms)
smile. bilingual
hahaha. "stop running and let the flerkens eat you"
oh... does she still have powers without the bangle?
oh she does have powers without bangle (1 2 3 switch, but they don't)
why did woman blow up with two bangles but not Kamala [the bangles are, as Kamala said, destined for her]
so she's gonna trap herself on the other side?
"I always knew I would have to stay"
lol. precredits. Kamala approaches Kate Bishop (and she mentions Ant-Man's daughter)
hehe "please"
I'm guessing Monica does make it back... cause multiversal stuff... but if not then... a version of her enters this universe. I dont fully understand why she had to be on the other side. she could just create a tear and go on the other side and close it
midcredits: Monica wakes up with the Beast, reference to Xavier, and there's a version of her mom (someone named Binary) but one that doesn't have a child.
after credits: flerkens are heard vomiting and slurping

Watched 20240310 (Disney+)
The Marvels (2023) Nia DaCosta. 105 min

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