Terminator Genisys (2015)

Overall I guess this movie was good. Especially from a time consistent multiple timeline point of view. Kind of. I guess there exists a timeline where... I don't know. The action was definitely fun.

Instant Comments:
1a: movie begins recapping Skynet deciding to destroy humans and then Judgment Day and then robot infiltrators pretending to be human, which the people call Terminators. Then John Connor finding Kyle (the caption had indicated earlier it is Kyle speaking). (Based on what I remember, John Connor is the son of Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and while I don't remember Terminator 3, I would think that Kyle could be John's dad) [hmm based on the scene later where Kyle is being sent back, it suggests this happened in The Terminator, but I don't remember there being a Kyle... hmm]
1a: "if i could have it any other way I would"
1a: "fate. first tactical time weapon. skynet just used it" (I guess that would be the first Terminator movie where T100 goes back to kill Sarah Connor) [t800 not t100]
1a: Is this a de-aged Arnold? his hair looks different
1a: "everything I know about her..."
1a: oh no watch out!
1a: "you didn't think it would be that easy did you?"
1a: oh there are two Arnold's. though the "good" one is a T800. also the "good" one looks more like older Arnold. but... well that kind of explains why we didn't just see a repeat of the t100 going to the biker bar but... I don't totally get it. is it a reboot? does the future and pass kind of change? are there multiple timelines? [actually it is t800 not t100, and yes, this film is considered a reboot]
1a: ooh a t1000 model?
1a: nice CG coming out of the mirror
1a: ah. Emilia Clarke. I saw her for the first time in Secret Invasion
1a: Haha. "still breathing" "good then you should be able to mate with Kyle Resse in this timeline"
1a: hehe, the awkward smile like from T2
1a: hehe. "old. not obsolete"
1a: wait... Kyle is supposed to be his own grandfather or his own father? I think grandfather... but then what about the straight line thing...
1a: "I'll be there"
1b: taking the long way... so he'll be older
1b: hehe "bite me"
1b: huh Emilia Clarke does look like a young Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) sometimes
1b: hehe carrying a big teddy bear
1b: hmm something is fishy... I'm guessing Pops will come and shoot this John... that doesn't quite explain how he knows all this info about Sarah
1b: nice I called it. but yeah... still doesnt explain how he knew
1b: interesting. a fuse of human and machine.
1b: magnet MRI and terminators...
1b: that's pretty cool (a fragmented John trying to pull away from the MRI)
1b: well... Pops hasn't been wrong so far, but it is sensible of Kyle to say that he could have hidden directives [though uncharacteristic of the character (e.g., after being the good Teminator in T2, I don't see Arnold willing to play a character that in some plot twist turns bad]
1b: hmm... if Skynet wins, I feel like it wouldn't want time travel. existence of time travel would allow humans a chance to go back in time to destroy Skynet
1b: hmm... the culmination of their competition with the hand... (Pops hand seems to be malfunctioning) that could be a problem
1b: she said only pops knew the location... (oh but John is from an alternate timeline, so it's possible for him to know things without her telling him)
1b: "rule this."
1b: epic bus flip
1b: good thing she was wearing her seat belt as instructed by Pops
1b: whoa so badass. he left the car while it was still drifting
1b: "I'm 14 rounds short of an acceptable"
1b: "I use them to find my keys"
1b: she makes sure to tell the young Kyle about the line (so it seems he's not his own grandfather?)
1b: hmm he shot the tanker, which technically puts the driver's life at risk and potentially the lives of others, but perhaps tactically worth to save the world?
1b: "I'll be back"
1b: "John Connor talks too mucb"
1b: "until I was laid off"
1b: hmm he can't push button because he has a directive to not kill Sarah Connor
1b: "my existence is inevitable why can't you accept it?" "because we're human"
1b: huh. his cpu is gonna go in that liquid so either he can be resurrect in the liquid... or recover his cpu
1b: hmm... they may have destroyed this Skynet but I feel... the concept of Skynet is inevitable. why wouldn't the owner of that company try to rebuid?
1b: "remember Genysis is Skynet" (so the reason why that is needed implies there is a timeline in which Skynet exists... but this Kyle Reese he told wouldn't be part of thay futute. oh wait, but I guess the implication is that it will cross over to the other timeline; that actually makes sense)
1b: "You're right. I can choose"
1b: hehe the smile.
After the main credits: something (not sure if that means the time travel worked or John is still alive) [a webpage said Skynet's core is alive]
1a=20231026*, 1b=20231027
Watched 20231026, 20231027 (Netflix)(Last day to watch 20231031)

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