Léon: The Professional (1994)

Overall, I liked most of this film. I suppose I had a different expectation for the ending. Actually, I also felt the middle would consist of more lessons between Léon and Mathilda.

Instant Comments:
Hehe. Why would they all need to turn towards the elevator. Perhaps one of them should cover the stairs...
Ooo. That neck snap sound effect...
Strange for this character to be in this business and panic in this situation.
Character turns around: Gary Oldman
Huh. He goes to sleep upright?
His smile and interest in the movie
"Always like this."
What an idiot... Kills one person and makes a run for it.
Jeez... how many pullets and he's still alive?
Hehe. Reloading cause he's mad about the suit.
Seems like a bunch of amateurs.
She does her best to walk past her own apartment and towards Leon's place.
Hehe. He was prepping the gun to through the door.
I can't believe this is her first role.
Hehe. I don't believe he would have done it given his self-imposed rule
Smile. Fires some rounds. "How's that?"
Hehe. Carrying the plant.
"And stop saying okay all the time, okay?" "Okay."
Wonder all that he's checking.
Haha. "Who should I hit?" "Whoever."
"Can we try with real bullets now?" "Not today let's pack up."
Smile. Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin. He gets Gene Kelly.
Smile. They have fun (spraying water)
Is that man in the corner dead?
Wonder what sort of trouble that will get her into. "Except he's not my father. He's my lover."
Oh no... returning home. What if one of the thugs is still waiting there?
Huh. She has money hidden... but she could have just asked Leon... why did she feel like she needed to retrieve money
strange: Gary Oldman's character working at the D.E.A.
Hehe. Kicked out.
Yikes. He had to stitch himself up.
Foreshadowing. "If something happens to me someday..."
Huh. What's her plan? To kill this guy?
Why does he have to crack the pill with his head up and why does it cause him to choke? [Librium]
Twisted. "Because I take no pleasure in taking a life, if it's from a person who doesn't care about it."
"I think it was somethin' personal." "Death is... whimsical today."
I can't believe he would have shot her right there in the bathroom. How would he explain that?
"If something goes wrong, I left you 20 grand on the table." Oh. That explains why she retrieved the money
What? While the question was right... (code) the usage of the information doesn't make sense... surely the purpose of a secret knock is exactly for this purpose, so that an incorrect knock could be conveyed as a communication between the parties aware of the true knock.
What kind of team is this? They seem so unprofessional (go check)
Hehe. They shoot their own man.
I'm not sure why he has to be discrete about it. Didn't he just order the ambush to kill Leon in the first place?
"Stansfield." "At your service." "This... is from... Mathilda." "Shit."
"[...] And if you don't help me, I'll be dead by tonight."

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