Starship Trooper (1997)

I think it definitely helped to have learned partway in that the movie was a satire on facism. I guess perhaps the problem is it feels obvious if you know it, but the movie easily seems like just another sci-fi movie if you don't.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments: 1a: How come people are bumping into this guy, but not into the person holding the camera?
1a: Neil Patrick Harris and Denise Richards
1a: 97% on the math finals
1a: Hehe. 35%.
1a: Signing up and becoming a pilot seems good versus... [infantry]
1a: "Games and Theory"
1a: Hehe. She didn't say it back.
1a: Weird... he had her say it. I feel like that is as good as meaningless.
1a: Caption: bone snaps
1a: She did rather well.
1a: Hmm. He's an idiot for not sticking with Diz who seems very capable.
1a: "The enemy cannot pus a button if you disable his hand."
1a: Very different reasons for joining.
1a: Three meters from object.
1a: Give him a squad? But that was Diz's call.
1b: Resume at around 40 minute mark (maximum score of 280)
1b: Hmm. I just noticed (and this is how it is in most sci-fi movies) but there always seems to be gravity inside ships
1b: Interesting... somehow the gravity field affects the water in the cup, but not any of the occupants. I think if the ship had a sci-fi way of producing artificial gravity, such an artificial gravity would uniformly override any external gravity or vice versa (external gravity would overpower the artificial gravity)
1b: I wonder if the asteroid collision is because of her rerouting.
1b: Wait. Why would you lead with mobile infantry. Why not like a bombing run first?
1b: I don't get what the mistake is... (She said "This isn't random or light. Someone made a mistake.") [Apparently earlier they were given the intel that the plasma jets shot would be light and random. But upon arrival, the captain observes that the plasma jets were neither random nor light."]
1b: Hmm. That big ship seems to maneuver too quickly for its size.
1b: Hehe. Why would he break the line of formation?
1b: He seems to have shot at the brainstem... but the creature is able to get one more strike in. [apparently the film is a satire on modern western fascism]
1b: "Frankly I think of the idea of a bug that thinks offensive."
1b: She notices that there's almost no wounded at all (most are KIA and very few WIA or MIA)
1b: Hehe. It's the teacher from their hometown
1b: Okay, here we go. "MI mops up" and here we see the bombers lay waste to the planet first... Why wasn't that the case before? Either it was and they didn't show it (which I think would be weird) or it wasn't and that was an intended strategy.
1b: An entire troop outnumbering the bugs and having trouble is very different from Carl claiming it's easy to take down by shooting the bugs in the brain stem
1b: they're left alive
1b: he asked why
1b: sucks his brain
1b: brain bug
1b: Ah... Rico asked Carl if Carl told Rico where to find Carmen and Carl says thats classified.
1b: hahaha censored
1b: captured bug just to do experiments
1a=20231028, 1b=20231029

Watched first third 20231028, remaining two-thirds 20231029 (Netflix, Instant) (Last day to watch 20231031)
Starship Trooper (1997) Paul Verhoeven. 129 min

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