X-Men (2000)

I'm curious if I liked this movie when it released. Watching it today, I can't help but feel the story was rough around the edges. The movie had its moments though.
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Today I started watching X2 and I couldn't help but wonder if in fact I didn't see this movie before yesterday.
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Mutants as an exaggeration of our culture is interesting. When people are so different from another that it causes fear and isolation.
There's something about Charles and Eric which is more appealing, perhaps their age, as opposed to Anna Paquin's character.
Why does Wolverine smoke? Well, I guess he can enjoy it without fear of killing himself.
Similarly I suppose he would drink a beer for the taste, but not to be inebriated.
"When they come out, does it hurt?" "Every time."
Oh, so the accident was created?
A different Sabertooth.
Ooo. Cyclops and Storm. I don't remember any of this
Oh, I didn't realize until the balls fell that the metal balls were swinging because of Magneto, not because of the traditional children's toy
They make it like mutants aren't humans... But to me, mutants are not a separate species...
"Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand."
Magneto mutated the senator?
It is interesting how, at least in this version, Wolverine goes from being this new member to being the quintessential leader of the X-men
Xavier wasn't willing to kill Magneto...
Smile. "What would you prefer, yellow spandex?" (in reference to Wolverine's classic comic costume)
Smile. Wolverine gave Cyclops the middle blade.
Hehe. Can't duplicate adamantium claws...
Hmm. Kind of a weird stance (Storm flying out the elevator)
Hehe. "Same thing that happens to everything else"
Hehe. "There's a problem. You're not part of the group." (I honestly thought it was the other way around. That the real storm was sneaking up on Mystique disguised as Logan)
I'm a bit surprised that Mystique appears to have taken a fatal blow. I suppose she's probably not dead.
Oh, I thought her white hair came from touching Storm. Here it shows her getting white hair from the stress of using this machine.
Huh. I didn't notice earlier... how did Magneto survive and peel away from Rogue

Possibly watched once before
Watched 20220719 (Disney+)

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