Mirai (2018)

Instant Comments:
1a: Watched the first 7 minutes
1b: Resume around 7 min mark
1b: Haha all the trains in the bassonet
1b: Knock on the head with a train...
1b: Thus far all the worries similar [I presume this comment is in regards to the parallel]
1b: Hehe, he stole the tail?
1b: They call him Yukko
1b: So "the prince" was in fact Yukko
1b: Ah the baby's name is Mirai (title of the movie)
1b: His mom is like his grandma
1b: Good intentions
1b: Ada guesses this man is his great grandpa. I suppose she's right.
1b: Oh his leg. So given the stories, the disbelief is that they raced since he couldnt run. But it's possible they did race but she let him win
1b: In this scene Kun looks at a picture and calls it his dad but his mom clarifies its his great grandpa.
1b: Probably Kun from future.
1b: Hehe, "future" Murai flips it on Kun and says he's from the past.
Watched 20220709 (Netflix)

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