Ms. Marvel

Episode 1:
That's a cool video
Ha never fully stop
Haha. I don't think anyone can hear this
Hmm so focused on college. Seems like bad counselling
Of course her mom catches her coming home late
I feel like there must be some consequence to forgetting the gloves. Seems like otherwise going out of the way to add it as a detail
Who are these people in the post credits

20220707: I love how visual this show is.

Episode 2:
She's a new person.
Hehe Brian instead of Bruno
"Have you ever seen a movie?"
Partition. I see.
Trail of stars
Hehe she convinced her uncle very succinctly
Tones of racism... why would they suspect the person with power is not caucasian.
Hehe how does she carry such a bulky suit around? [I guess Spider-Man's suit is not exactly easy to carry around either]
Interesting Kamran. [That would explain why he moved around a lot and arrived after Kamala got her powers... at least reasonable]

Episode 3:
Dr. Erik Selvig. I think that's the physicist from the Thor movies [yes; technically, he's an astrophysicist]
How disrespectful. No warrant. Didn't remove shoes.
"Good is not a thing you are. It's a thing you do"
Very cool mask
I feel like she would have to hide her bangle
$732 in his checking
Chosen family
Huh, things just took a turn (his mom's [Najma] conversation with Kamram)
Hehe the Bon Jovi
Poor Kamala (outnumbered... cornered...) maybe Kamran will help
What kind of powers do these djinn have if any? Or are they just adults?
Lol how did they miss Kamala smeaking away?
What a tough situation (parents inquiring). I would say in classic superhero trope, she has to keep it hidden.
Hehe. Her nani. Good ending to the episode.

Episode 4:
Huh her mom had such an unexpected sad look at the end of the conversation. Maybe it was just the editing
She took off her bracelet [bangle]
Her bracelet is in her backpack
Lol. Her grandma casually telling her she's a djinn...
Selling Polaroids in the age of cellphones
Lol. "Come with me if you want to live. Just kidding..."
Hmm. "What you seek is seeking you"
So ooo... alternate dimension is different from universe... weird.
Interesting. Her mom (Kamala's grandma) told her stories which she didn't believe
The thing that was not quite explained is why the Clandestine or at least the main leader [Najma]...
Strange choice of sacrifice (Waleed)

Episode 5:
He recites a poem that contains the line ("What you seek is seeking you")
I like how this episode goes into explaining the history
Hmm. Aisha may have "betrayed" what's her name [Najma] but to kill her doesn't make sense
Ah, nice. I suspected she might end up saving her own grandma.
Hehe trail of stars
"It was me"
Ha microchipped
Lol. We can go home she says and dead.
I can make it she says
Huh. What just happened with Kamran... looks like he gained a bangle... not sure how
What's significance of broken necklace
Hehe. Kamran honestly thought Brunos name was Brian. I guess it was technically on Bruno to correct Kamran...

Episode 6:
Hmm... so many people know about her identity now... (family, best friends)
Nice getaway
Interesting regarding the one getting upset about the disobey and it seems like they had to shut down Damage Control... what even really is that [20220717: Apparently they've previously shown up in the MCU, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: No Way Home; in particular, Agent P. Cleary interrogated Peter Parker in regards to Quentin Beck]
Kamala means Marvel. Her dad says "Ms. Marvel"
I didn't get the ending (with the genes). Apparently it's a reveal about mutants and the X-men theme played (I didn't have the volume loud enough) [apparently the comics Kamala is not a mutant but something known as an Inhuman; though perhaps the whole concept is invented to get around property rights]
While Kamala is the first mutant revealed in the main universe [Earth-616], Xavier has showed up in the Doctor Strange movie in the alternate universe
Midcredits Captain Marvel shows up (and Kamala disappears)

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