X2 (2003)

Yesterday I watched X-Men and so today I decided to watch the sequel. As I started the sequel, my memories of this sequel were strong and it cast doubt in my mind as to whether I had seen the first movie prior to yesterday.
Instant Comments:
Seemingly random intro. I feel like it should have actually been the inner workings of Cerebro at a microscopic level and then ending with the entire room.
Huh. How does Nightcrawler's power work?
Wow. Xavier can freeze all those people? How?
I love this (and remember it): he puts the cigar out with his hand. (Another scene I remember is Erik's escape)
I guess it's one thing to mimic someone's appearance, but to also imitate their fingerprints is amazing [doing a Google search reveals that she is able to do this because her powers are psychic in nature ("psionic")]
Huh. I thought Colossus was always incased in metal.
What was Rogue doing not running with the rest of the kids?
Why didn't all these soldiers storm the school at the same time?
I feel like the door to Cerebro should just be locked psychically
"Professor Logan"
I remember them rejecting their son for being a mutant, which is sad ("There's something I need to tell you.") [Well, in the scene where he reveals his secret, it's not as bad as I remember][Well, perhaps there is some level of rejection.]
"Have you tried not being a mutant?"
Why did none of the cops try and shoot John.
"When will these people learn how to fly?"
How did he happen to be where they were happening to crash?
She couldn't transform the cells at the scar?
Only manipulate the fire... seems like he was able to enlarge it as well.
The middle finger.
So if Stryker can blow the doors open, then anybody could blow the doors open... what's the point of having "secure" doors?
Why would Styker's son be doing this? What incentive does he have to control Xavier?
How does this imitation Cerebro work with missing panels. (Somehow Stryker knows Since later Magneto rearranges the panels)
Hmm. Well Jason himself would be a mutant.
All this time there's still a pool of adamantium?
I'm curious in the difference between how Logan just infused adamantium and the original process (oh wait, I vaguely recall there were mainly needles and I guess they get injected into the bone?)
Why did Stryker have to close the door behind him? (Also why was he worried about the water pressure earlier as if it would ruin his plans)
Jason didn't seem to be affected at the same time as Jean and the other mutants... [an answer says because Jason already maekd himself as the girl, so Xavier wouldn't be searching for the girl]
Jason says to find the humans. So implicitly Xavier doesn't think of mutants as humans.
He explictly says "kill them." I thought Xavier was supposed to be in an illusion. Wouldn't such an extreme phrase have broken Xavier out of the illusion?
I think they made Scott too unlikeable.
Right. Xavier is telepathic whereas Jean is telekinetic.
Phoenix-like powers.
What was in the folder? [oh, Stryker's plans to destroy all mutants]
Jean repeats what Xavier narrated. But... it's not clear what that would have to do with the Phoenix.

Watched once before.
Watched 20220720 (Disney+)
*X2: X-Men United

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