Camo Sharks (2022)

I couldn't help but wonder about the science behind the color board and correction. Despite the correction, I couldn't help but wonder how changes through water work. How does color correction along a white to black color bar adjust an image to the expected color. Perhaps first one adjusts the white end for color and then the grays and black are used for lightness. Or, perhaps a simpler answer is that the color board had portions that were colored and I just didn't pay close enough attention.

Pulling up a clip on YouTube, I was able to verify that the color board only had a grayscale. Thus, I would infer that a grayscale is sufficient to balance an image to true white, while other types of color adjustments would need colors. However, I'm not sure why that would be the case.
Watched first half 20220710, second half 20220711 (Disney+)

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