Captain Marvel (2019)

I went to watch this movie by myself.

Trailers: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) | Dark Phoenix (2019) | Rocketman (2019) : Elton John | The Hustle (2019) : comedy | Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) | Detective Pikachu (2019) : comedy mystery | Frozen II (2019) : interesting | Avengers: Endgame (2019) : different than the Tony Stark one; I suppose it has more spoilers since it shows various characters grouping up and I think Captain Marvel; "I like this one." - Thor regarding Captain Marvel.


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According to my Google Timeline, I was at the Outlets at Orange on April 12, 2019 (it also indicated I was there on April 28, 2019 which is when I went to watch Endgame). While hunting for the ticket stub or checking for a credit card purchase would be more concrete evidence, I'm just going to assume that I saw Captain Marvel on 20190412.
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The Marvel logo which is typical filled with scenes with various characters from the MCU is filled with Stan Lee's cameo appearances in the films.
"Thank you Stan"
What if she died in the snap?
Blockbuster Videos.
Hey this one's taken.
"Ever been to C-53?" "Once. It's a real shithole." [C-53 is the Kree name for Earth]
Nick Fury in old FBI like suits.
Awww. Stan.
How did she know it was the old woman?
Official should actually stay back
Alta vista
Looks under the sheet.
Snaps [Actually I was wondering if Fury would kick him]
You should see what I can do with a paper clip.
Is her commander, Yon-Rogg, bad? (I asked this as he's talking on the phone)
For sure he got off on the right level.
Ronan!?! Wait. Who? [Ronan is an antagonist in Guardians of the Galaxy. He was killed at the end..]
Windows 95?
Yeah, but {?} my h{?} (blue blood)
Danver's blood is red.
The other half.
Watch Fresh Prince
Maria's daughter Monica picks Captain Marvel's signature colors.
Haha. The threat of the cat is high. The threat of the human is low to none.
Is that the child actress who plays Rose on Fuller House? [Yes, Mckenna Grace is Young Carol (13 Years Old)]
Why didn't they attack her while she was subconscious and breaking free?
Hahaha. Cat gobbles Tesseract.
Haha. Good kitty.
Carol's hair is awesome.
{Catching/Catches} {herse}
Nice flying (by Maria)
Carol flies!
Lol. Just runs into them.
Damn... She let them go.
We'll be back. For the weapon?
The women just shoot him (yes!)
It's just a scratch. No... ({bcs/beg} {synobore/gisnotore/???} eyes)
She modified it. [the pager]
Phase 1.
Carol "Avenger" Danvers [20191031: There's at least one article which explains why this call sign wouldn't be one that Carol would go by]
"The Protector Initiative" gets changed to "The Avenger Initiative"

See people leaving. Do they not know or care for the credit scenes? Perhaps they've seen the credits already...
Is she ageless? [20191031: Apparently since her DNA got some Kree, that slows her aging which is a characteristic of the Kree]
Pager turned off??? [20191031: I think this refers to the display going blank.]
First scene [mid-credits]. Pager turns off. Then Captain Marvel shows up.
Everyone else in the theater besides me leaves after these mid credits.
That's a lot of songs.
Nick Fury and the cat.
Lol. Furball. Tesseract.

Released 20190304.
Watched 201904XX Theater
Captain Marvel (2019) Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck. 123 min

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