Chicken Run (2000)

An egg laying chicken named Ginger is set on freeing herself and all her comrades.

Ginger (Julia Sawalha)

Although everything she's tried thus far has been a bust, hope is restored when a rooster named Rocky lands at their doorsteps.

While this movie didn't have the most believable plot, it did have some entertaining moments. It also had strong character development.

Mrs. Tweedy (Miranda Richardson)

Overall, I would recommend the movie to any fan of Nick Park's Wallace & Gromit. I'm uncertain, however, if the movie retains any appeal to younger audiences who have most likely become accustomed to Pixar-like animation.

The movie was rated 4 out of 5 stars for me by Netflix and then I gave it a 3. If I could assign fractional ratings I'd give it a 3.5.

Mac (center left, Lynn Ferguson) and Ginger (center right)


Instant Comments:
I'm not sure if I've seen this movie before

Fowler (center, Benjamin Whitrow)

It's familiar due to the Wallace & Gromit style animation [on account of Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park].
Ha. Some of them are less educated, even ignorant.
About 15 minutes into the movie, I get the feeling I have not seen this movie
Rocky Rhodes (a play on "Rocky Road")

Rocky (Mel Gibson)

"It's raining hen!" (a play on "It's Raining Men")
Hahaha. She stitched herself a noose.
"Want to dance?" "Yeah alright."; Oh, when the one rat asked, "Want to dance," he sounded like Pinky - from Pinky and the Brain.

Mrs. Tweedy and Mr. Tweedy (Tony Haygarth)

Haha. One of the lines lines I hate hearing in movies (when followed by interruption): "There's something I got to tell you."
Ha. "Apple."
References Star Trek. "We need more power!" "I cannae work miracles, Captain! We're giving her all she's got."
That exchange sounded like Adrian and Rocky (Rock (1976)). "Adrian!" "Rocky!" Is that why she wears a hat just like Adrian does?

Nick (left, Timothy Spall) and Fetcher (right, Phil Daniels)

Lol. "A cling-on, Captain!" (a play on "Klingon," which continues the Star Trek reference)

Watched 20161022 (Netflix, Instant)
Chicken Run (2000) Peter Lord, Nick Park.

Babs (Jane Horrocks)

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