Unforgiven (1992)

While this movie was lacking in some respects, I liked how it ended and I liked it as a whole.

William Munny (Clint Eastwood)

Unfortunately, some point after watching the movie, I couldn't help but wonder what it was about.

Nevertheless, I would highly recommend the movie, especially to fans of westerns; though the movie is labeled as a 'revisionist Western' (i.e., 'anti-western').

Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman)

Instant Comments:
Hmm... although the principal was that her face and therefore life couldn't be restored by the mere offering of a pony, it was still a gift out of nothing. I suppose their refusal is equivalent to denying any sort of relief to the man's guilty conscience.

Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman)

"Did pa used to kill folks?"
Ha, brings out a shotgun.
"Would you like a free one?"

W. W. Beauchamp (left, Saul Rubinek) and English Bob (right, Richard Harris)

"Who's the fella that owns this shithole?"
"Deserve's got nothing' to do with it."
"I'll see you in hell William Munny." "Yeah."

The 'Schofield Kid' (Jaimz Woolvett)


Watched 20161015 (Netflix, Instant)
Unforgiven (1992) Clint Eastwood. 131 min

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