Bad Boys II (2003)

I know it's suppose to be part of Martin Lawrence's character to freak out and complain but it just wasn't as funny as when it happened in the first movie Bad Boys (1995). In fact, this movie lacked all the good aspects which the first movie had. With that being said, apparently there's a Bad Boys 3 lined up. Anyways, I watched this because it was a sequel and there's this compelling urge for me to watch a sequel, even if it's probably bad.*

Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence)
Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith)

Bad Boys II was rated for me by Netflix at 3.5 out of 5 stars. And while Will Smith has been in some solid movies, this wasn't one of them and I rated Bad Boys just 3 out of 5 stars - thought it might even deserve a 2 or 2.5.

*However, I've yet to see any Disney sequel with the exception of Rescuers Down Under, but that one's a sequel which was released in theaters! Oh wait, I've seen The Lion King 2, but that's it.

Syd (Gabrielle Union)

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Instant Comments:
"I'd like to see how your machine works, baby."
The camera circling around the room during the bust in on the Jamaicans was pretty cool.

Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano)

Marcus: "My ass still hurts, from what you did to it the other night."
Mike: "Hey, it got rough. I mean, we got caught up in the moment, shit got crazy. You know how I get."
Marcus "When you popped me from behind I think you damaged some nerves. Now I can't -- Now I can't --"
Mike: "Can't what?"
Marcus: "I can't even get an erection. I tried taking Viagra, you know, pop one, pop two. Been eating them like Skittles. And I'm still flaccid."

Hector Juan Carlos 'Johnny' Tapia (Jordi Molla)

The conversation continues...
"For the DEA, you ain't nothing but a honeypot."
Ha, they put on a show (threatening Marcus's daughter's date Reggie).

"Move Bitch Get Out Da Way" by Ludacris
The part where Marcus and Mike were joined by others for the rogue rescue mission was over the top (and out of the blue).

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Bad Boys II (2003) Michael Bay. 147 min

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