Extremis (2016)

Ada chose watch this documentary, and I so watched it along with her.

This documentary certainly stirred my mind on the topic. From a rational point of view, I would not want to be on the machine if that's the only resource to keep me alive. If going on the machine helps me say goodbye to friends and family, or for them to say goodbye to me, then that would okay as well. But when the checklist of people has been met, I would (again speaking from the point of view of present time me who would not know how I feel from a potential dying me) be happy to go off the machine and die. I suppose if the machine eased my ability to die, then perhaps that'd be a reason to be on the machine for a while as well.

It's important to me that I reiterate I cannot completely empathize with the situation. With that being said, my imagination gets me as far as the following: if someone were dying, then as much as he/she wants to live, it's likely that his/her friends and family would want him/her to live even more. That is, the potential for death - without any further assumptions on the afterlife - will affect those the dying person leaves behind. My stance, from a non-dying point of view, is that I'd be afraid to die (even though I've often thought I wouldn't be afraid to die), but that I'd want to let myself die (with the above in mind, i.e., no chance of recovery). I'm not sure what I'd do in the situation if a procedure gave me X amount of time. I never thought about it.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a <56%* match. I decided to give the documentary neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*With the first movie without a match percentage being 1st, Extremis was the 45th out of 49 items with hidden match percentages. My best guess is that since I don't usually watch documentaries, Netflix ranks them lower than other items. This guess stems from the fact that documentaries currently make up the majority of low ranked items on My List: Woody Allen: A Documentary (36th), Man on Wire (37th), Fed Up (38th), Atari: Game Over (43rd), Chasing Ice (44th), Septembers of Shiraz (47th), (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies (2015) (48th), and Lost in La Mancha (49th). Note that there was one documentary that's ranked favorably: Back in Time (74% match).


Watched 20160913 (Netflix, Instant)
Extremis (2016) Dan Krauss. 24 min

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