Home (2015)

While not the movie had a pretty rough beginning and middle, it ended well.

Oh (Jim Parsons)

The movie also had some good moments in between, but for the most part the dialogue and jokes tended to be complex and convoluted (in a bad way).

In the end, I would say Home performed below average, but good enough to watch the entire way through without feeling my time was wasted.

Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci (Rihanna)

Instant Comments:
2: His pack is messy and different from the other Boovs.
1: Lol, really bad design (send e-mail to all).

Oh presents 'Slushious'
1: The intentionally different grammar is annoying.
2: He turned green when he said Boov can shoot lasers out of their eyes
1: I realized during the scene where he fixed her car that the protagonist is the actor that plays Sheldon (Jim Parsons)

1: "Do not eat the blue mints!" "Do not drink the lemonade!"
1: "This is not a sustainable friendship model."
1: Ha. His involuntary dancing.

Gorg Commander (Brian Stepanek)
1=20160910, 2=20160917

Watched 20160910 (Netflix, Instant)
Home (2015) Tim Johnson. 94 min

Oh can't resist the urge to dance.
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