It's a bit surprising that, given the popularity of Naruto, I have yet to ever read any of the manga or watch any of the anime.

I watched the first 135 episodes.

I finally decided to start watching the filler episodes. I was initially tempted to just go ahead and watch the next canon episodes, but then I figured the chances of going back and watching the filler would be slimmer.

Today I finished the available episodes on Netflix and luckily for me the episodes are also available from Viz (the same place I watched the remaining episodes of BLEACH).

I love this ending credits song: Yellow Moon by "Akeboshi." It's the ending credits song for episodes 179 to 191.

Naruto and his clones.

S1E01: (Episode 1) (NFLX S1E01)
1: Ha. Sexy jutsu.
1: He says his worst technique is the clone jutsu.
1: I don't see how the test should be based on just one technique.
1: With that being said, how was the scroll so vulnerable that Naruto could steal it?

S1E02: (Episode 2) (NFLX S1E02)
1: His sexy jutsu again.
1: Huh, the preview in the previous episode didn't suggest this kid asking Naruto to be his new trainer
1: "Catra" instead of "Chakra"
1: Haha. The last stop.
1: Hahahaha. "Gotcha, with my harem jutsu."

S1E03: (Episode 3) (NFLX S1E03)
1: Combined a replacement jutsu with a shadow clone jutsu.
1: Oh wow, Sasuke actually told her that stuff.
1: Naruto was fighting with himself to use the restroom!

Naruto's sexy jutsu.

S1E04: (Episode 4) (NFLX S1E04)
1: Holy shit. Sasuke's answer was intense.
1: Hahaha. Poked him.
1: Holy crap. All his students have failed!?!
1: Naruto has said "Believe it" so many times this episode.

S1E05: (Episode 5) (NFLX S1E05)
1: Sasuke touched one!
1: Lol. So much for teamwork. Left tied to the log.

S1E06: (Episode 6) (NFLX S1E06)
1: Hahaha. Really cool, but stop the bleeding.
1: He's got a a super healing!
1=20160918 12AM


S1E07: (Episode 7) (NFLX S1E07)
1: Haha. Almost killed a rabbit.
1: Is he like Kenpachi Zaraki of BLEACH?
1: He seems so surprised when he himself quoted the ability
1=20160918 12AM

S1E08: (Episode 8) (NFLX S1E08)
1: First four minutes are just repeat
1: I missed something about the headband. He charged in to get it? Was it on the ground or something?
1: Fancy! I guess they synergized from S1E03.
1=20160918 12AM

S1E09: (Episode 9) (NFLX S1E09)
1: Copying before someone else does it. Not sure if that's copying. :p
1: They both said "he" but the ninja's voice sounded like a female.
1=20160918 12AM

S1E10: (Episode 10) (NFLX S1E10)
1: Plot twist!
1=20160918 12AM

Nine-tailed Fox

S1E11: (Episode 11) (NFLX S1E11)
1=20160918 12AM

S1E12: (Episode 12) (NFLX S1E12)
1: Ha, I guess Sasuke is to Naruto like Uryu is to Ichigo.
1: Huh? What? "Oh, and by the way, I'm a boy."
1: "Haha, just kidding!"
1=20160918 8AM

S1E13: (Episode 13) (NFLX S1E13)
1: Ha.
Kakashi: "And hiding behind that mask, who does he think he's fooling?"
Sakura: "Speak for yourself, Sensei."
Sasuke: "That's it. I'm taking him out. Who does he think he's fooling? Hiding behind that mask like some sort of clown."
Saukra: "Sasuke, you're so cool."
1: I happened to have turned on the English subtitles
1=20160918 8AM

S1E14: (Episode 14) (NFLX S1E14)
1: 8:46 of summary.
1: Lol. "I snuck in here to save you."
1=20160918 8AM

S1E15: (Episode 15) (NFLX S1E15)
1=20160918 8AM

S1E16: (Episode 16) (NFLX S1E16)
1B: No way. He's dead!?!
1B: I'm hoping it's some sort of fluke. Seems a little early in the story for a true death, but the dialogue makes it seem permanent.
1A=20160918 8AM, 1B=20160918 3PM

S1E17: (Episode 17) (NFLX S1E17)
1=20160918 3PM

S1E18: (Episode 18) (NFLX S1E18)
1=20160918 3PM

S1E19: (Episode 19) (NFLX S1E19)
1: What? He openly asks Zabuza to kill some of these guys. They don't complain? Ha.
1: Kicks a dead person!?!
1: Lol. Awesome. Fighting without his arm with a kunai in his mouth.
1: Yay! So I was right about the progression of the story. Basically the four protagonists should be protected from permadeath.
1: Kakashi also used Shadow Clone jutsu.
1=20160918 3PM

S1E24: (Episode 24) (NFLX S1E24)
1: I would interpret the rules as cheating is allowed if you can manage to do it without being caught.
1: Haha! "I'll just have to cheat and not get caught!"
1: Ah. After Sasuke makes his thoughts on why just -2, it means you get up to 5 chances to cheat.
1: Waiting for the 10th question... I totally forgot about that. Basically, it could be as simple as, if you didn't cheat, then you get a freebie by holding out.
1=20160918 3PM

S1E25: (Episode 25) (NFLX S1E25)
1: Weed out the weaklings with such an ultimatum.
1: Lol. Naruto's comment after raising his hand.
1: Hehe. Naruto's comment inspired the rest. That's the opposite of the steam roll exit after the first person exited.
1: "Sure, but explain it anyway."
1=20160918 8PM

S1E26: (Episode 26) (NFLX S1E26) [FILLER]
1: Lol, really. They're gonna repeat the whole bit?
1: Lol. It's just gonna be a bunch of flashbacks?
1=20160918 8PM

S1E27: (Episode 27) (NFLX S1E27)
1=20160918 8PM

S1E28: (Episode 28) (NFLX S1E28)
1: Lol. That password is a passphrase.
1: "You'd have a better chance teaching it to a hamster."
1=20160918 8PM

S1E29: (Episode 29) (NFLX S1E29)
1=20160918 8PM

S1E30: (Episode 30) (NFLX S1E30)
1=20160918 8PM

S1E31: (Episode 31) (NFLX S1E31)
1: Last episode for the night.
1=20160918 8PM

S1E32: (Episode 32) (NFLX S1E32)
1: Holy shit. That cray cray strat. (No substition)
1=20160919 6PM

S1E33: (Episode 33) (NFLX S1E33)
1: Lee's teammates are from the leaf village. Is he also?
1: Both eyes have three dots.
1=20160919 6PM

S1E34: (Episode 34) (NFLX S1E34)
1: Holy shit, he killed him... and his teammates.
1=20160919 6PM

S1E35: (Episode 35) (NFLX S1E35)
1=20160919 6PM

S2E01: (Episode 36) (NFLX S1E36)
1=20160919 6PM

S2E02: (Episode 37) (NFLX S1E37)
1=20160919 6PM

S2E03: (Episode 38) (NFLX S1E38)
1=20160919 6PM

S2E04: (Episode 39) (NFLX S1E39)
1=20160919 6PM

S2E05: (Episode 40) (NFLX S1E40)
1=20160919 6PM

S2E06: (Episode 41) (NFLX S1E41)
1: The thing is this sort of upperhand (the puppet) only works because its a surprise.
1: Haha. Kakashi remarks that Naruto doesn't realize he acts the same way with Sasuke.
1: So much talking. And so slow.
1=20160919 6PM

S2E07: (Episode 42) (NFLX S1E42)
1: Ha. "So long." ... "10 Minutes."
1: A second spirit... Is it figurative or literal?
1=20160919 6PM

S2E08: (Episode 43) (NFLX S1E43)
1: Ha. Quite clever of Shikamaru.
1: "Lee, he's just like guy used to be."
1: I'm surprised that kid with the dog is happy to fight Naruto (as opposed to some of the other opponents).
1=20160921 4PM

S2E09: (Episode 44) (NFLX S1E44)
1: Haha. Kakashi points out that Naruto's "new" technique is essentially Sasuke's "Lion Barrage" but renamed to "Uzumaki Barrage."
1=20160921 4PM

S2E10: (Episode 45) (NFLX S1E45)
1=20160921 4PM

S2E11: (Episode 46) (NFLX S1E46)
1=20160921 4PM

S2E12: (Episode 47) (NFLX S1E47)
1=20160921 4PM

S2E13: (Episode 48) (NFLX S1E48)
1: Lol. Allowed to remove his weights.
1=20160921 4PM

S2E14: (Episode 49) (NFLX S1E49)
1=20160921 4PM

S2E15: (Episode 50) (NFLX S1E50)
1: Ha. He's unconsciously standing.
1=20160921 4PM

S2E16: (Episode 51) (NFLX S1E51)
1=20160921 4PM

S2E17: (Episode 52) (NFLX S1E52)
1: Women's bath.
1: Apparently Naruto doesn't remember that both the water enemy and Kakashi had walked on water.
1: It's made known Naruto doesn't remember much of anything.
1: The new credits are cute.
1=20160922 6AM

S2E18: (Episode 53) (NFLX S2E01)
1: Ha. Naruto executes Kakashi's One Thousand Years of Death.
1: Five Prong Seal Release
1: Amazing, immediately walks on water.
1=20160922 6AM

S2E19: (Episode 54) (NFLX S2E02)
1=20160922 6AM

S2E20: (Episode 55) (NFLX S2E03)
1=20160922 6AM

S2E21: (Episode 56) (NFLX S2E04)
1=20160922 6AM

S2E22: (Episode 57) (NFLX S2E05)
1A=20160922 6AM, 1B=20160923 9PM

S2E23: (Episode 58) (NFLX S2E06)
1=20160923 9PM

S2E24: (Episode 59) (NFLX S2E07) [MOSTLY FILLER]
1=20160923 9PM

S2E25: (Episode 60) (NFLX S2E08)
1=20160923 9PM

S2E26: (Episode 61) (NFLX S2E09)
1: Lol. That's certainly what I'd do (hold one of my clones back)
1=20160923 9PM

S2E27: (Episode 62) (NFLX S2E10)
1: "You don't know what it's like to be branded by a mark... A mark that can never be wiped away!" [Joke's on him]
1: I guess I never mentioned it before, but I love the music (drums, flutes, etc.) that plays in Naruto.
1: So clever. [Ha, and "one hell of a left hook."]
1: "For the record, I failed the examination record 3 times."
1: The translation (incorrectly) has him saying "Shadow Clone Jutsu" but apparently the manga correctly has him referring to the regular clone jutsu. It should be noted that Naruto still probably can't execute a regular clone jutsu, but considering the shadow clone jutsu is more advanced, he was given a pass.
1=20160923 9PM

S2E28: (Episode 63) (NFLX S2E11)
1: I was a bit confused, but apparently the "cursed seal would seal off his Byakugan upon his death"
1=20160923 9PM

S2E29: (Episode 64) (NFLX S2E12)
1: Doesn't Kankuro forfeiting raise suspicion?
1: Shikamaru doesn't even want to be chunin!?!
1: Ha. No effort.
1: Shikamaru has an IQ of over 200 (IQ scores are a bell curve with average 100 and standard deviation 15.
1=20160923 9PM

S2E30: (Episode 65) (NFLX S2E13)
1: Lol. They're dragging out Sasuke's appearance a bit too long.
1=20160923 9PM

S2E31: (Episode 66) (NFLX S2E14)
1=20160923 9PM

Summary: 153 participants (51 teams) in the first stage, 81 participants (27 teams) in the second stage, 20 = 21 - 1 participants (7 teams) in the preliminaries (Kabuto Yakushi forfeits), 9 participants in the final stage but interesting things happen (1 participant was killed, Kankuro forfeited, and Shikamaru technically won but gave up).

S2E32: (Episode 67) (NFLX S2E15)
1: Ino's thinking: "Yeah right, these old guys and their war stories."
1: Sakura recognizes and also releases.
1=20160923 9PM

S2E33: (Episode 68) (NFLX S2E16)
1=20160923 9PM

S2E37: (Episode 72) (NFLX S2E20)
1: "Sakura, did you know you use the same shampoo as I do?"
1=20160923 9PM

S2E38: (Episode 73) (NFLX S2E21)
1: Ha. How could she say "I got this." She already lost it so any chance of her holding off Sasuke now would be almost zero.
1=20160924 5PM

S2E39: (Episode 74) (NFLX S2E22)
1: Can smell the fight. It's a bit interesting, because it suggests the scent of fighting and information drifts. But if they're following a trail, that scents are more concentrated from where they originate from and shouldn't drift so readily.
1=20160924 5PM

S2E40: (Episode 75) (NFLX S2E23)
1: Ha. "Worst-case scenario... you die!"
1=20160924 5PM

S3E01: (Episode 84) (NFLX S2E32)
1: Quite the entrance. "... the ladies worship at your awesomeness!"
1=20160924 5PM

S3E03: (Episode 86) (NFLX S2E34)
1: Lol, Naruto likes the uniform
1=20160924 11PM

S3E04: (Episode 87) (NFLX S2E35)
1: "Jiraiya is no liar."
1=20160924 11PM

S3E05: (Episode 88) (NFLX S2E36)
1: Shikamaru, Kiba, Naruto, Choji
1=20160924 11PM

S3E06: (Episode 89) (NFLX S2E37)
1=20160924 11PM

S3E07: (Episode 90) (NFLX S2E38)
1=20160924 11PM

S3E08: (Episode 91) (NFLX S2E39)
1=20160924 11PM

S3E09: (Episode 92) (NFLX S2E40)
1=20160925 8PM

S3E10: (Episode 93) (NFLX S2E41)
1=20160925 8PM

S3E11: (Episode 94) (NFLX S2E42)
1: What does she mean by "That's impossible!"? As in, she doesn't believe he was able to master it?
1=20160925 8PM

S3E12: (Episode 95) (NFLX S2E43)
1=20160925 8PM

S3E13: (Episode 96) (NFLX S2E44)
1=20160925 8PM

S3E14: (Episode 97) (NFLX S2E45) [FILLER]
1=20160925 8PM

S3E15: (Episode 98) (NFLX S2E46) [MOSTLY CANON]
1=20160926 3PM

S3E16: (Episode 99) (NFLX S2E47) [MOSTLY FILLER]
1=20160926 3PM

S3E17: (Episode 100) (NFLX S2E48)
1=20160926 3PM

S3E18: (Episode 101) (NFLX S2E49) [FILLER]
1: Ha. Naruto piqued Sasuke's interest. Which was surprising. I didn't realize Sasuke had that personality.
1: "He fell for it!"
1: "Oh no, my hand just slipped." Ha.
1: It is a little silly that he'd cover his face in the hot spring.
1: Ha. Another mask.
1=20160928 1AM

S3E19: (Episode 102) (NFLX S2E50) [FILLER]
1: I think its one thing to say "I'll pay for person X" and another to say "Person X will pay for me."
1=20161007 9PM*
*The last time this episode paid I was totally not paying attention.

S3E20: (Episode 103) (NFLX S2E51) [FILLER]
1=20161007 9PM

S3E21: (Episode 104) (NFLX S2E52) [FILLER]
1=20161007 9PM

S3E22: (Episode 105) (NFLX S3E01) [FILLER]
1: This kid is annoying. What a shitty personality. It is somewhat understandable... Let's see how he redeems himself.
1=20161007 9PM

S3E23: (Episode 106) (NFLX S3E02) [FILLER]
1: Poor Sasuke doesn't know Naruto's success was dependent on him.
1=20161007 9PM

S3E24: (Episode 107) (NFLX S3E03)
1: Nice, Shikamaru gets promoted to Chunin.
1: I think... it's really Sakura's fault. :p
1=20161007 9PM

S3E25: (Episode 108) (NFLX S3E04)
1: Huh. I didn't realize Sasuke hadn't seen Naruto's Rasengan.
1: Sakura's dumb for charging in.
1: Hehe. Apparently Naruto's Rasengan passed through to the other side to inflict more damage than Sasuke's Chidori.
1=20161007 9PM

S3E29: (Episode 112) (NFLX S3E08)
1: Why hasn't Naruto tried his Rasengan yet?
1: Lol, a minute after my comment he tries it but his chakra is gone.
1=20161007 9PM

S3E30: (Episode 113) (NFLX S3E09)
1=20161014 7PM

S3E31: (Episode 114) (NFLX S3E10)
1: Holy shit. "Super Expansion Jutsu!"
1=20161014 7PM

S3E32: (Episode 115) (NFLX S3E11)
1: I wouldn't think any of the Naruto's there are real.
1=20161014 7PM

S3E33: (Episode 116) (NFLX S3E12)
1=20161014 7PM

S3E34: (Episode 117) (NFLX S3E13)
1: Oh, that's the meaning behind Neji counting only seven out of eight birds.
1=20161014 7PM

S3E35: (Episode 118) (NFLX S3E14)
1=20161014 10:30PM*
*This episode (in regards to Orochimaru's vessel) was confusing. It made sense after I read the episode summary.

S3E36: (Episode 119) (NFLX S3E15)
1=20161014 10:30PM

S3E37: (Episode 120) (NFLX S3E16)
1: That's such a long flashback.
1=20161014 10:30PM

S3E38: (Episode 121) (NFLX S3E17)
1=20161014 10:30PM

S3E39: (Episode 122) (NFLX S3E18)
1=20161014 10:30PM

S3E40: (Episode 123) (NFLX S3E19)
1: "You cannot afford to be distracted!"
1: "I've okay'd him to start training tomorrow. Well, starting easy at first." Uh...
1: Lol. We're gonna get to see 'Drunken Fist'?
1: Ha! "One moment please!"
1: "I knew then what Lee was. A natural born master." [pauses] "Yes. A master of the Drunken Fist."
1=20161015 10AM

S3E41: (Episode 124) (NFLX S3E20)
1: Hahahahahahahaha. He fell back on the floor again.
1: Aww... he metabolized the alcohol so quickly.
1=20161015 10AM

S3E42: (Episode 125) (NFLX S3E21)
1: Can skip to 4:40
1: Sure, haha. Cut down the whole fucking forest.
1=20161015 10AM

S3E43: (Episode 126) (NFLX S3E22)
1=20161015 10AM

S3E44: (Episode 127) (NFLX S3E23)
1=20161015 10AM

S3E45: (Episode 128) (NFLX S3E24)
1=20161015 10AM

S3E46: (Episode 129) (NFLX S3E25)
1=20161015 10AM

S3E47: (Episode 130) (NFLX S3E26)
1=20161015 10AM

S3E48: (Episode 131) (NFLX S3E27)
1=20161015 10AM

S4E01: (Episode 132) (NFLX S3E28)
1=20161015 10AM

S4E02: (Episode 133) (NFLX S3E29)
1=20161015 10AM

S4E03: (Episode 134) (NFLX S3E30)
1=20161015 10AM

S4E04: (Episode 135) (NFLX S3E31)
1=20161015 10AM

S4E05: (Episode 136) (NFLX S3E32) [FILLER]

S4E06: (Episode 137) (NFLX S3E33) [FILLER]

S4E07: (Episode 138) (NFLX S3E34) [FILLER]

S4E08: (Episode 139) (NFLX S3E35) [FILLER]

S4E09: (Episode 140) (NFLX S3E36) [FILLER]

S4E10: (Episode 141) (NFLX S3E37) [MOSTLY FILLER]
1: I thought Sakura already started learning the medical ways. [Yes, she already started taking lessons after Sasuke's and Naruto's battle at Valley of the End.]

S4E11: (Episode 142) (NFLX S3E38) [FILLER]
1: Hahaha. "Willpower."

S4E12: (Episode 143) (NFLX S3E39) [FILLER]

S4E13: (Episode 144) (NFLX S3E40) [FILLER]

S4E14: (Episode 145) (NFLX S3E41) [FILLER]
1: Lol. From an observer's point of view, Mizuki is upset that they realized he killed someone. From his point of view, he was doing whatever it took to complete the mission - which is still not virtuous, but certainly not as bad.

S4E15: (Episode 146) (NFLX S3E42) [FILLER]

S4E16: (Episode 147) (NFLX S3E43) [FILLER]
1: All Lady Tsunade had to do was flick them.
1: "She's so strong." "More like she's so scary."
1: Sakura heals the fish; which apparently is a feat

S4E17: (Episode 148) (NFLX S3E44) [FILLER]

S4E18: (Episode 149) (NFLX S3E45) [FILLER]

S4E19: (Episode 150) (NFLX S3E46) [FILLER]

S4E20: (Episode 151) (NFLX S3E47) [FILLER]
1: Hinata had earlier found the beetle, but here she thought she was useless.
1: So weird. Hinata disregards the reason for the mission failure and simply uses the failure as a reason for failing. Personally, I'd view the mission as a success.

S4E21: (Episode 152) (NFLX S3E48) [FILLER]

S4E22: (Episode 153) (NFLX S3E49) [FILLER]
1=20170304 AM

S4E23: (Episode 154) (NFLX S3E50) [FILLER]
1a=20170304 AM, 1b=20170304

S4E24: (Episode 155) (NFLX S3E51) [FILLER]

S4E25: (Episode 156) (NFLX S3E52) [FILLER]

S4E26: (Episode 157) [FILLER]
1=20170304 PM

S4E27: (Episode 158) [FILLER]
1: Lol Naruto says they need to improve their "Va va vroom"
1: Hehe. He taught htem about teamwork.
1: That was unexpected (they start running up the mountain)
1=20170304 PM

S4E28: (Episode 159) [FILLER]
1: "Seriously Hinata, you're gonna make somebody one heck of a wife!"
1=20170304 PM

S4E29: (Episode 160) [FILLER]
1=20170304 PM

S4E30: (Episode 161) [FILLER]
1: Haha. Of all people they encounter, the first is Kakashi
1=20170304 PM

S4E31: (Episode 162) [FILLER]
1=20170304 PM

S4E32: (Episode 163) [FILLER]
1: There are moments where Naruto's brute force is admirable, and then there are moments where his rashness becomes annoying.
1: Wha!?! I wanted to end with this episode. But that ending is just so gripping.
1=20170304 PM

S4E33: (Episode 164) [FILLER]
1: Nooo... they did it again.
1=20170304 PM

S4E34: (Episode 165) [FILLER]
1: It's not the end of the story, but I'm satisfied with stopping at this episode.
1=20170304 PM

S4E35: (Episode 166) [FILLER]
1: I wasn't completely paying attention to this episode. These last couple of episodes were both a little confusing and boring. Recap: Episode 162: the group defeats an empty Cursed Warrior; Episode 163: evidence points to Komei being associated with the Cursed Warrior, but also there are more than one Cursed Warrior; Episode 164: Moso is caught meeting with the Watari ninja and Sagi approaches Naruto as the Cursed Warrior; Episode 165: Naruto saves Komei and Sagi is the Cursed Warrior; Episode 166: Sagi is in fact Toki, Toki attacks Moso, and Moso reveals he is named Hoki

S4E36: (Episode 167) [FILLER]
1a: For some reason the episode wasn't streaming smoothly.
1b: I pick the episode up from where I left off
1a=20170305, 1b=20170306

S4E37: (Episode 168) [FILLER]
1: Simple but good episode. Well, the topic might have been politically incorrect. It suggests women shouldn't be overweight. It is only partially saved by Naruto commenting that there's such a thing as being too skinny (the father became underweight when his daughter "returned to normal")

S4E38: (Episode 169) [FILLER]

S4E39: (Episode 170) [FILLER]

S4E40: (Episode 171) [FILLER]
1: Lol. She continues behaving irrationally by the promise to be returned to normal. How long has it been that way that she should be deluded by such a promise.

S4E41: (Episode 172) [FILLER]

S4E42: (Episode 173) [FILLER]
1: Haha. Gamabunta sarcastically asks Naruto, "Trouble follow you around kid or do you go looking for it?"

S4E43: (Episode 174) [FILLER]
1: "I'll have to increase the power of my ninjutsu." Throws more money in the air.
1: "Ninja art substitution jutsu." Throws money onto the bridge.
1: "Cash clone jutsu!"
1: "... I don't even eat pork."

S4E44: (Episode 175) [FILLER]
1: Hmm. It didn't seem to fool Kiba. We'll see what the plot twist is.

S4E45: (Episode 176) [FILLER]

S4E46: (Episode 177) [FILLER]
1: "Sexy harem jutsu, ultimate steam bath version."
1: "Sexy harem jutsu, swimsuit edition!"
1: Lol. A double whammy of humor. One is that Jiraiya writes a series called Icha Icha Paradaisu (Make-Out Paradise).

S4E47: (Episode 178) [FILLER]
1: I don't know if it's because these episodes are filler episodes, but Naruto can be quite annoying in these episodes. It's like all the writers could think of was to recycle the same annoying character traits over and over again.

S4E48: (Episode 179) [FILLER]
1: Lol. "Creeping creeping."
1=20170307 12AM

S4E49: (Episode 180) [FILLER]
1=20170307 1AM

S4E50: (Episode 181) [FILLER]
1=20170307 1AM

S4E51: (Episode 182) [FILLER]
1: WTF. Most of them agree with that guy's evil ways?
1: "I think most people call it the planet Mars."
1: This arc became interesting to the extent that I want to finish it.
1=20170307 1AM

S4E52: (Episode 183) [FILLER]
1: Lol. From this episode, it is made apparent that the villagers don't know the star training could kill them.
1: It's hypocritical to condemn a person in your own village in the name of the village.
1: Interesting. Earlier, perhaps an episode or two ago, I would have thought that he'd absorb all the power and just die from it.
1=20170307 2AM

S4E53: (Episode 184) [FILLER]

S4E54: (Episode 185) [FILLER]
1: What a silly episode. In a good way.

S5E01: (Episode 186) [FILLER]
1: Hmm. Everybody who's attempting to make him laugh is just greedy.
1: Maybe there's a hidden part of the will...
1: Well, I was half right.

S5E02: (Episode 187) [FILLER]

S5E03: (Episode 188) [FILLER]
1: Weak little arc.

S5E04: (Episode 189) [FILLER]
1: What a bitchy princess.
1: "Hinata, do you like Naruto?" - bitchy princess to Hinata
1: Rude. (And stupid.)

S5E05: (Episode 190) [FILLER]

S5E06: (Episode 191) [FILLER]
1b: I couldn't remember the episode until I started watching it again. Then I remembered and skipped to the next episode.
1a=20170309, 1b=20170312*

S5E07: (Episode 192) [FILLER]
1: Lol. Reduces carbohydrate intake.
1: Anyways, before this point, I already came up with the plot and twist. She wants a body double, but the male will have a body double, too.
1: Hmm, so far not quite. He's already chubby.
1: "It's raining. What a beautiful rainbow."

S5E08: (Episode 193) [FILLER]
1: "I don't know what's going on, but you can call that mission complete."

S5E09: (Episode 194) [FILLER]

S5E10: (Episode 195) [FILLER]
1: My guess is that Guy Sensei knows that Yagura is up to no good; why else would he take him on a mission
1: Lol. Naruto's profile is behind bars.

S5E11: (Episode 196) [FILLER]
1: They truly knew each other. (Guy Sensei and Rock Lee)

S5E12: (Episode 197) [FILLER]
1: Start of a good story arc.

S5E13: (Episode 198) [FILLER]
1: I can't wait to find out the connection between Genno, Naruto, and ramen. It should be noted that Choji noted the guy had instant noodles at home.

S5E14: (Episode 199) [FILLER]
1: "Hinata, you're the one I want." [...] "I need you Hinata."
1: Lol, dull.
1: Lol, "I dropped one of my ninja tools."

S5E15: (Episode 200) [FILLER]

S5E16: (Episode 201) [FILLER]
1: Lol. Naruto still squirming after Sakura breaks the Genjutsu.
1: Did he divulge the last trigger because he was sure it would work?
1: Ah.

S5E17: (Episode 202) [FILLER]
1: A filler among fillers, lol.
1: Naruto vs. Sasuke
1: Choji vs. Jirobo
1: Honorable Mentions: Kakashi vs. Zabuza, Kakashi vs. Guy Sensei (rock-paper-scissors)
1: Kiba and Akamaru vs. Sakon and Ukon
1: Negi vs. Kidomaru
1: Naruto vs. Sasuke (Valley of the End)

S5E18: (Episode 203) [FILLER]

S5E19: (Episode 204) [FILLER]
1: Akamaru pees on Naruto
1: Sakura has been shown time and again to be a genjutsu detection expert.

S5E20: (Episode 205) [FILLER]
1: "You're genjutsu is nothing for a well-trained ninja." pans to a flailing Naruto.

S5E21: (Episode 206) [FILLER]

S5E22: (Episode 207) [FILLER]
1: Holy shit, what a scary looking demon.

S5E23: (Episode 208) [FILLER]
1: What an idiot.

S5E24: (Episode 209) [FILLER]

S5E25: (Episode 210) [FILLER]

S5E26: (Episode 211) [FILLER]

S5E27: (Episode 212) [FILLER]

S5E28: (Episode 213) [FILLER]

S5E29: (Episode 214) [FILLER]

S5E30: (Episode 215) [FILLER]

S5E31: (Episode 216) [FILLER]

S5E32: (Episode 217) [FILLER]

S5E33: (Episode 218) [FILLER]
1: Uh... why didn't they pursue? How did they just let the enemy set up like that?
1: Oh okay.

S5E34: (Episode 219) [FILLER]

S5E35: (Episode 220) [MOSTLY CANNON]
2: A lot of the post 12 minute mark makes more sense with the first 12 minutes and the last couple episodes.
2: Oh, I don't remember to which episodes this applies, but I had recalled the conversation between Ino and Sakura as if it happened in an earlier episode, when in fact that conversation took place in this final episode.
1=20161015 4PM*, 2=20170317
*Skipped to the 12 minute mark

Watched first 135 episodes 20160917-20161015 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio)
Watched episode 136 to episode 156 20170304 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio)
Watched episode 157 to episode 220 20170304-Present (Viz) (English audio)
Naruto (2002-2007) Hayato Date.

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