Superstar (1999)

While a little rough around the edges, there was something about Superstar's comedy which was fun to watch. Perhaps I was simply in the mood.

Mary Katherine Gallagher (Molly Shannon)

In any case, "rough around the edges" is probably appropriate for a movie that apparently has received all-around low reviews.

Regardless, I wouldn't immediately disregard the movie as a potential comedy to watch. Though as far as teen comedies go, I've only seen a handful and wouldn't be able to help as far as recommendations go.

Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell)

One thing I'm wondering, however, if the movie would have been any better if I had seen any of the Saturday Night Live skits with Molly Shannon's Katherine Gallagher character.

Evian (center, Elaine Hendrix)


Instant Comments:
"Your birthmark looks like shit."

Mary flirts with... her tree.

References Sybil (1976).
Hahaha. "Hey Tom, sorry your dad's dead."
References Silence of the Lambs.
References The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Helen Lewengrub (Emmy Laybourne)

[20161009] I thought Will Ferrell was making a movie reference when he said, "Be kind, rewind" but it was really just a reference to the VCR rental etiquette of rewinding your video tape before you return it. The movie I thought he was referencing was Be Kind Rewind (2008)
References Will Smith's Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
References Footloose (1984)

Slater (Harland Williams)
Parodies Armageddon "Leaving on a Jet Plane" scene.
Hahaha. "Sky's not home."
References Carrie.
Haha! "[...] cause the devil's in you and the devil's in me and the devil's got a big hard [interrupted]."

Sings Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch""What's boga boga mean?" "I don't know, but if I say it you better fucking figure it out."
Lol. I thought they were gonna get Jiggy Wit It but instead they did the dance she dreamed about in the cafeteria and then some.

Watched once before
Watched 20160917 (Netflix, Instant)

Jesus (Will Ferrell)
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