Gangster Squad (2013)

The entire movie was filled with visually fun action sequences interspersed with humor, camaraderie, and sadness.

Of the actors, I'd say Josh Brolin is a fun actor to watch and in particular I liked his interactions with Ryan Gosling. I was looking for more from Emma Stone's character, but I felt a little disappointed on that front. Finally, I would like to note that I didn't recognize Giovanni Ribisi's face until writing this post. I know him best from his role as Frank Buffay Jr. in Friends, but also remember him from Avatar (2009).

I wrote: "This is a great, exciting, and suspenseful movie. The violence was handled in such a way that gave the movie a deal of shock value on top of the visually pleasing scenes. There was also a good balance of humor as well. Again, everything was just beautifully done." 1:07AM PT

I wrote: "The visuals were typically unique, with respect to comparing one scene to the next. I loved the jailbreak scene. Of course, in addition to the scene itself, it was more memorable because the word "jailbreak" came to my mind before it was mentioned. Some of the effects resemble the technique used in Sherlock Holmes (2009) and its sequel. I find its popular usage analogous to movies adopting bullet time after its use in The Matrix (1999)." 1:09AM PT

One of my favorite scenes is the duel circling the Christmas tree.

I asked my friend if he knew any movies that did what Sherlock Holmes did prior to Sherlock Holmes. He couldn't think of any. On that note, I enjoyed Gangster Squad, but I like Sherlock Holmes better.

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Remark: After the credits ended, my friend and I left and while we were walking and talking, a stranger suggested we not leave the building, because gunshots had been heard outside the theater. One guy had witnessed it and said he saw one guy bump into another guy. He went on to say that one of the guys who got bumped got angered and pulled out a gun. As the parking lot security had gone home, we waited inside until the police arrived. It was pretty cool when they arrived, as the one officer was carrying either a rifle or shotgun. After some more waiting, the officers say its safe to leave. I mean, it was probably safe after the incident occurred, considering what the witness said and considering that few people are dumb enough to fire a gun and stick around.


Released 20130111.
Watched 20130113 Theaters. 10:30PM
Gangster Squad (2013) Ruben Fleischer. 113 min

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