Matilda the Musical (2022)

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I enjoyed this musical.

Rating: 5.0/5

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1a: I'm guessing she'll solve what's on the board? (nigel is getting a headache just looking at it)
1a: haha. "and... The Cat in the Hat"
1a: pause 30 min mark
1b: read Emma Thompson is Mrs. Trunchbull... huh... I can kind of see it. i guess it's something like Nanny McPhee hehe
1b: resume
1b: ha. great line "yuck I'd rather eat vegetables"
1b: from a far, the kid with the cast looked a bit like Chloe Moretz
1c: resume at 36 minutes mark
1d: resume midnight. her father throws her into her room [~64 minute mark]
1d: ah, the man crushes the can with his mind. she must have subconsciously crushed the can in her room
1e: resume at the 82 minute mark
1e: wow... when Matilda realizes her madeup story is actually Miss Honey's real story.
1e: touche... Miss Trunchbull reveals extra chokeys
1f: resume at the 97 minute mark
1f: chain Magnus is cool
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Matilda the Musical (2022) Matthew Warchus. 117 min

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