The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Rating: 4.8/5

Instant Comments:
Is that Trinity?
That's a decent stunt (crash landing)
ooh that car hop was cool
How'd she escape?
oh shit, that's Neo's room.
huh. this man is Morpheus
"the choice is an illusion, you already know what you ahve to do" (I think most people haven't thought about this statement before, but this really is many things if not everything in our lives)
"you tell me Mr. Anderson, is it free will or destiny?"
hehe. meta. Warner Brothers making a sequel to the trilogy
Is "M. IV" suppose to be like the fourth matrix movie?
oh... it literally is "Matrix Four"
ha! "And who knows how many more?"
hehe. It's like they asked themselves... how many references can we fit into this movie? Nonstop references on multiple levels. Probably averages 1 reference per minute.
hahahaha. "At last."
hehe. "Mr. Anderson!"
smile. The cat's name is "Deja Vu"
smile. "Looks easy enough."
"We don't have to run to phone booths anymore either."
yes... strange why they're keeping both Trinity and Neo alive... and right next to each other...
and what now that he has woken up?
oh they sent the bots to retrieve him... in which case the machines should have implemented physical securities (protection in the real world)
ok. this fight between Neo and Morpheus is refreshing; it isn't just a copy of their fight in the first movie.
I wonder if Jada Pinkett Smith is playing this Niobe. It does look a bit like her
Neo isn't wearing glasses or dressed up at all like the rest of them
hehe. "I still know kung fu." (I feel like this line would have been better in his earlier fight with Morpheus)
Priyanka Chopra (I didn't recognize her earlier); but I thought she was a program, how does she take this physical form? or perhaps they entered the Matrix to meet her
no... I think she'll definitely break free of her "ficticious" family; it would be a classic turnaround
huh strange twist (Agent Smith was able to move freely)
Neo stopping bullets
I don't know what all the brain transfer stuff was about and how they managed to disappear with the body, but what makes this movie good is that it centers around the romance / love story between Neo and Trinity
Agent Smith quote: "Anyone could've been you, whereas I've always been anyone." This line plays exactly into my rule for making a quote that sounds meaningful, but not necessarily. In general, lines sound meaningful when there is some sort of symmetry, repetition, rearrangement, and duality at play. For example: "the more you consume of the world, the more the world will consume you." As an outcome of a syllogism, we get that Smith could have been Neo. But the fact of the matter is that, despite their similarities, Smith is not Neo.
Haha! His failed attempt to fly. It almost looked like it was gonna happen cause of the ripples
I thought they had a plan for an out... why do they have to escape from the swarm and not just leave
she can see the code... so she's role swapped with Neo (I guess something which was foreshadowed throughout)
Hehe. They both fly into the air like Neo did in the first movie... So kind of a repeat of the original with some minor differences

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