Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)

The fight scenes in this movie were underwhelming compared to the first movie. The story made some sense but the witch's motivation seemed off. The final battle between Silent Wolf and Hades Dai was even that cool. Crashing down through the roofs felt mediocre.

I know the first movie is based on a book, so I'm guessing this sequel was too. However, unless there's significant cultural importance, I would have changed the story to make Michelle Yeoh the star. Speaking of which, I feel like her falling back in love with the brother seems out of place. Unless she simply reunited with him in a platonic way.
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ooo Donnie Yen is in this movie
hehe the cook is a better fighter than some of these guys...
hehe. "in the house. never come back"
interesting... it is revealed who Silent Wolf is
hmm... took the sword to save his masters life but now the master will die... seems like inconsistent value... he could have left the sword and both him and his master could make a run for it, at least extend their lives for whatever years than dying right now...
huh did the witch person know this boy was going to try to kill this man... would make sense. i guess the witch person is more like... information savvy than any magic
hmm I guess I thought of Michelle Yeoh as the star but Donnie Yen gets to fight this guy, which makes sense from a story perspective because of their earlier match however many years before
hehehe. her lesson to her student foreshadowed this. too easy lol.
huh, how could snow vase take this girl down if this girl outmatched four warriors that are more experienced and skilled than her
ah ok seems her training paid off
oh... somewhat
Poetic that Hades Dai should reach for the Green Destiny and to meet his end by his own sword; in more words, he viewed the Green Destiny as the more powerful sword, and so from his point of view, was struck down by the less powerful sword.
what? Snow Vase lived? her wound seemed fatal...
Donnie Yen first in credits

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