White Noise (2022)

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1a: that bed scene with the head under the sheets was scary. it's quite a contrast with the moments of the movie thus far... reminds me of the scarier moments of Donnie Darko... as in... I didnt really expect scares in that movie either... I thought the themes of death could be expressed without but... I suppose nothing like thematically showcasing fear of death than a frightening scene
1a: pause 25 min. professors are chatting, passing in sinks, and punchline to scene is "from which direction?"
1b: resumed.
1b: I thought he was gonna steal the thunder but he left.
1b: oh he came back
1b: I didn't understand why the truck hit the train
1b: huh his friend seems ok with it
1b: comical. "We're late" plus he knocks the trash can down (as was his neighbir earlier) and down the street every trash can looks to be knocked down.
1b: how random. car crash. plus the whole thing about telling people to stay inside
1b: smile. they used the real event to practice the simulation...
1b: hahaha. good one (he repeats "any events of deja vu in your group?")
1b: tv like a camera?
1b: hmm seems scam... afraid of death ad
1b: huh he washed the gun but then his prints would be on the sink handles
1b: oh ok he cleaned the handle
1b: this supermarket dance sequence is awesome
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Watched first 25 minutes 20240528, remaining minutes 20240529 (Netflix, Instant)
White Noise (2022) Noah Baumbach. 136 min

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