Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 92% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.
Rating: 4.8/5

Instant Comments:
hehe why is the news on tv at such a party
hehe the mom figured out that it's a stereograph
ha! the mom called it a compass ahead of them
[oh, that was Yo-Yo Ma]
hahaha. from far away "that first one's a fibonnaci sequence"
puzzlesolving skills... they mostly solved it together and in part with the help of the one guy's genius mom
that's what I was thinking... (she went at it with a hammer)
smile. her mask is fashionably... not a mask
Benoit doesn't flinch/gag like the rest
did he laugh because it sounds like "piece of shit"?
haha. he just throws it on the ground
smile. robot carrying the luggage away
so we have our first twist... he either really didn't invite Benoit or is pretending to not know; he said he made five, one for each of his friends... what counts as those five
"It's a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth."
I guess they're going through and giving everyone some sort of motive to kill Miles (Whiskey is with Miles)
Hehe third time this guy showed up who's not supposed to be there...
Benoit explains why he purposely ruined the game
Hehe. The repetition of this Mona Lisa painting closing up really does a great job of building suspense
Oh shit. That glass has his name on it.
Hehe. Knife missing. "Lord help us."
If I were to guess... at this point (Andi having been killed) is that Miles hired the guy he told everyone to ignore to kill everyone to avoid blockers to his Klear product
Haha. Hugh Grant
Oh shit. They corrobrated to say Miles came up with the idea on the napkin
Oh shit. She found her napkin
Oh. She was stumbling because she was having many alcoholic dirnks (kombucha)
hehe. Serena Williams just waiting around
Is the "homeless" guy a red herring?
Ha! What a twist. Helen is alive
Huh. Someone, perhaps Miles, said "This makes no sense."
Hmm... of course (the napkin, the evidence, got burned; and unlike digital evidence, doesn't seem like a good way to back it up... maybe take a picture with your phone first?)
oh wait, she has a recorder; if he could get that on the recorder
hmm... what exactly did Benoit hint at
oh wow. the reveal "this is a smokeless garden"; I thought her whole smashing was a play on the Mona Lisa
ha! the car coming down
hehe his backdoor on the security bit him in the butt
huh. she didn't straight up answer and it just panned in on her face... any reason? Could she somehow be Andi? [a person on Reddit asked a question about her look and several commenters mentioned this Helen is Andi possibility, while two point out that she is posing like Mona Lisa; thinking about it in my head, I went back to the scene where her death had hit the presses... and after watching it, I find the possiblity that Helen is Andi to be impossible; in fact, the full paragraph of the article on the phone is obscured, but the paragraph ends with "sister Helen Brand."; I would, as such, simply lean into the Mona Lisa meaning of that scene]
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Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) Rian Johnson. 139 min

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