The Book of Boba Fett

After the third episode, I was looking up actors and actresses. I found out that Ming-Na Wen (Fennec Shand) was the voice of Mulan in Mulan (1998).
The show was good, but interestingly towards the end it pivoted back a decent amount to Mando and Grogu. In particular, I had expected Boba Fett be the one to come and calm the rancor.
Episode 1:
1: huh, why did that other prisoner rat him out?
1: I'm not sure if I asked this at the end of Mandalorian or not, but Fett made the assassination look easy. Why has no one else attempted/succeeded in doing so before? [in episode 2, Fennec makes a remark saying, "They're Hutts, you'd have to get permission if you want to kill them." This made me realize not just anyone would want to try and takeover, as the fear/ability to backup the stake is great.]
1: hehe, reverse tribute
1: so he wants to rule differently...
1: why did they attack Fett in this way? Do they not own guns? Would it not have been easier to just shoot him? (perhaps this is a message from the mayor for not receiving a tribute)

Episode 2:
1: Hehehe. He talks and says he was sent by the mayor. "It's empty. Assassin of the Night Wind." (he appears to have spoiled the reputation of his group)
1: Hehe. Again with the litter.
1: Hmm. The mention of Twins. My instinct is to ask "Who?" Thankfully they show who it is soon enough.
1: A beefy looking Wookiee
1: What's the purpose of the drive-by shooting? They didn't appear to gain anything from it
1: Uh. He broke the gun....
1: I never thought riding a speeder would be difficult.
1: Wait a minute. Is it possible to be so accurate from a moving train? I suppose you can judge the speed as much as the opposite scenario (hit someone in a train from a stationary position)
1: Eww. The lizard whent up his nose?
1: Hmm. Which part of this weapon remains wood?

Episode 3:
1: hehe. this man thinks about it
1: they show the shop woman [Peli Motto] and her bots pass by in the background; I suppose that means he should be rescuing Fennec soon
1: hmm... what kind of assassination attempt is this? Why not just use guns?
1: Danny Trejo [He's listed on imdb as 'Rancor Keeper'] 1: Witches of Dathomir (I think Dathomir that was one of the key locations in Fallen Order; and I recall the witches of Dathomir played an important of role as well)
1: I like how she didn't just blast the control and instead opened it up and cut the wires
1: Hmm. For some reason the special effects in this chase scene don't feel good - they look obviously fake

Episode 4:
1: I would not have guessed a bantha would enjoy meat. I would have thought such a creature is vegetarian
1: "No walk-ins." Boba Fett throws down a bag full of coins and says "This woman is about to die." "Well you should have started with that." (though quite an interesting choice to save a stranger, unless he somehow knew who she was)
1: Not a fan of the music. It might be fitting of the place, but it seems out of place.
1: Oh okay. He did know who she is (he asks, "You are Master Assassin Fennec Shand of the Mid Rim."
1: Watching the bantha move so slowly... I can't imagine riding such a creature
1: Is this floating camera act a very compact droid?
1: Smile. "Find other banthas. Make baby banthas."
1: Seems like such a powerful device. Can it be that such a device would not be more widely used.
1: Why would a chef droid have any sort of defensive mechanism built in?
1: Hahaha. "Next time don't touch my buttons."
1: Is it so rare that someone would have a spaceship to take out a gang as was done in this scene?
1: Why exactly does Boba continually need to use the bacta tank? (apparently in this next scene he has reached a status of being completely healed - at least physically)
1: Gee. What exactly was that about?
1: Hehe. "It was worth a shot."

Episode 5:
1: During the recap, I thought about the conversation between Boba Fett and Fennec. I felt that given the character profiles and the reason Boba Fett had asked Fennec to join him, that their lines should have been reversed. Boba Fett should have asked Fennec if she trusts them, and she should have replied with the logical answer regarding their fear of the Pykes.
1: It's the Mandalorian.
1: Did I already ask how these tracking fobs work? [the theorized answers on the internet figure it has to do with the ability to track certain biometrics which are likely to be unique to an individual]
1: "That doesn't even look like me."
1: Mando wields the Darksaber
1: Uh. What? I played back the scene several times to try to see how he was cut. They did a poor job of filming that because even after playing it back it isn't clear if he cut himself or if someone else burned him. I really expected better.
1: Hmm. Why was the person who commissioned the job so insistent on Mando staying (perhaps only to set the atmosphere that Mando is in a hurry)
1: "I'd set that on ice if I were you."
1: Huh. Tarre Vizsla "He was both Mandalorian and Jedi." (I was about to ask why the Darksaber seems like a lightsaber, and if there really was any difference. Because supposedly one should be force-sensitive to best wield a lightsaber.)
1: So this other Mandalorian, Paz Vizsla is related to the creator of the Darksaber, Tarre Vizsla?
1: Whaa... melting the spear. I guess to the Armorer's point, it is more a liability...
1: Huh. The blade gets heavy over time. This seems to explain why in the fight earlier in the episode Mando scraped the blade against the ground.
1: Okay, so this guy says he's descended from Tarre Vizsla.
1: These folks are crazy. Fighting over the Darksaber, not removing helmets, going to a special place to atone.
1: Honestly he could have left some weapons hidden without removing them.
1: Oh, it's a BD unit similar to one that accompanies Cal in Fallen Order.
1: The craft looks familiar.
1: She mentioned "Queen of Naboo." But I still don't quite remember
1: Oh shit. When Mando says the vapor manifold is missing, that view of the ship makes me think it belonged to... Anakin? [No in that Anakin's main ship in The Clone Wars was not an N-1. Anakin did hop into an N-1 in The Phantom Menace. Padme also uses an N-1 in The Clone Wars.] 1: Can a ship like this be reasonably run without an astromech?
1: Has he flown a ship this fast before? He doesn't really hesitate to up the speed. As an analogy, I've probably at best gone 90 mph straight down a highway. If I jumped into a racecar, the time it'd take me to warm up to the controls would likely take significant time. But perhaps the Razor Crest, while not as fast, perhaps isn't a a drastically different experience from this new ship.
1: Smile. These two again.

Episode 6:
1: Nice shooting.
1: Interesting. He dumps it.
1: Are these robotic ants? [Caption said "ant droid beeping"]
1: Smile. A bench.
1: Hehe. "Don't try. Do."
1: Hmm. Ahsoka would be like about 10 years older than Luke? Anakin is his father, but Ahsoka was Anakin's padawan... [Ahsoka was born 36 BBY and Luke was born 19 BBY so they are different by 17 standard years. Anakin was born 41 BBY which makes him only 5 years older than Ahsoka and 22 years old when Luke was born.]
1: Hmm. This guy looks familiar. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood [oh, this character shows up in The Clone Wars, first in the season one finale, so I must have seen him there]
1: Oh no. Forced to choose. (If Grogu was smart... he might call Luke's bluff. Would Luke really call off care for Grogu?)

Episode 7:
1: Hehe. Grogu's choice. [After the scene where Grogu calms down the rancor, I realized that Luke also interrupted his training to go save his friends. Luke also had attachments. I don't see how Luke's situation is much different from Grogu's]
1: Hehe. He reveals the truth to Boba Fett.
1: I'm guessing he'll write zero.
1: "They just keep coming." This is usually when reinforcements arrive.
1: Huh. Too fast vs too slow.
1: Awww. Their reunion. Brought a tear to my eye.
1: Hehe. "What is he doing here?" "The Force works in mysterious ways."
1: Hehe. Calms down the rancor and then goes to lie down next to it.
1: Technically she could have just shot all of them, right? Hanging the mayor and stabbing the Pyke syndicate boss seems like her form of fun.
1: Oh yeah. I forgot to call that one. Oh well. Empty astromech section goes to Grogu.
1: Smile. "Alright, but this is the last time."
1: It is revealed who is occupying the bacta tank.

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