Always Be My Maybe (2019)

20230207: I finished this movie today and the movie had it's moments. While it's clearly aimed to be a romantic comedy, its romantic comedy plot was underwhelming. For example, the movie's title is a play on Mariah Carey's hit "Always Be My Baby" but doesn't really come up in the movie at all. The movie is better thought of as a comedy with romantic elements. Aside from the plot, the movie clearly made an effort to portray Asian culture more accurately than other portrayals in Hollywood.
Instant Comments:
1a: meeting other people before getting married... can't be good
1a: HAHAHA. "Oh, don't use your phone voice on me, bitch."
1a: Her parents' accents don't seem like Vietnamese accents - at least not traditionally thick Vietnaemse accents. To me, the exaggeration/depiction here sounds more Chinese. And I make this comment because her character has the last name Tran. [There's always the possiblity that she and her family are Chinese, but then why choose "Tran" as a surname?]
1a: I like Vienna sausage, but I can see how a chef would look down on the particular usage in the dish
1a: Smile. "We're married spiritually, and sexually."
1b: "What kind of LEGOs?" "Red."
1b: Hehe. Free shumai.
1b: Hehehe. "The hickey guy is Keanu Reeves?"
1b: Hahahaha. Jenny's crying. Haha
1b: Hahaha. "The flavor of Caesar salad."
1b: Hahaha. Keanu cries.
1b: Expensive but they hardly touched their drinks
1b: Obviously this is how the double date was going to turn out (switched)
1b: Huh. So they just made love but there's about half an hour left. What's going to happen?
1b: Very straightforward dialogue. She admits she loves him and gives him an out to not come out with her to New York. After some thought, he says he doesn't. I mean there are elements to where they're both wrong. I guess that leaves a mystery as to how the story would resolve.
1b: Lol. All his merchandise.
1b: Hahaha. "Get it off me! Get it off me! Take it off! It's burning."
1b: "Can I hold your purse for you?"

Credits: 1b: "Tennis Ball" written by Daniel Nakamura and Randall Park, produced by Dan the Automator, performed by Hello Peril
1b: "I punched Keanu Reeves" (same credits as "Tennis Ball")

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Always Be My Maybe (2019) Nahnatchka Khan. 101 min

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