Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022)

I watched this movie with my son and for the most part I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it for the sentiment it conveyed, but I think there were moments of the story which were lacking. One example was Josh's asthma. Perhaps there was something that helps build our perception of his character by giving him asthma, but it wasn't critical to the plot. A common trope would have been he has asthma but somehow overcomes it in order to save Lyle.

Overall, while the movie wasn't perfect, I'd likely watch it again soon.
Instant Comments:
That was their first performance?
I love from a lighting perspective that the attic is dark and he's using his phone light, but his face and generally the room is well lit. This contrasts with what I think of in movies where it's too dark to see anything. Just because a scene is "dark" doesn't mean it really has to be dark.
Kids are so mean. Maybe choose a different place to film or just redo it?
Sitting alone. I remember doing that when changing schools... I didn't get picked on, but regardless I was unable to make friends
I definitely did not leverage the internet to look up "how to make friends" back in my day lol
Lol. When the cat realizes its mistake
What a horrible neighbor, haha
The amount that some people discard is unbelievable. While I don't know anything about dumpster diving, this depiction of it and thinking about what people discard, I guess it wouldn't be too bad.
Hahaha. His head within Lyle's mouth
Lyle's very smart to use that song to calm her
What a wonderful moment (Lyle teaches the mom about the joy of not following the recipe)
Huh, dont' they have to notify the other neighbors that cameras were installed?
Huh. They haven't done a scene with Josh at school. Surely the main focus is on the crocodile, but seems odd
Hehe. Lyle lost on purpose
Nice, Hector called him out on the cameras
Aww. Her crocodile drawings
Smoke (which goes back to earlier in the movie when he uses it)
GPS (yet another element that was previously in the movie)
"It wasn't even that good"
LOL. "Your Honor cannot be stupid enough to consider this."

Oh, Lyle was voiced by Shawn Mendes
Various drawings in the style of the crocodile drawings
Ochestra members are credited. One section for songs and another for score
My son says, "Don't turn it off. Don't turn it off. I'm listening to that okay." (I happen to enjoy watching the credits, but it seems he's found a love for them at the moment as well)
My Hero Academia.

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Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022) Josh Gordon, Will Speck. 106 min

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