Once Upon a Time

storybrooke, like storybook. snow white. hmm so is every character played by two actors/actresses? oh wow, magical tree. henry was right, she's mean. emma knows she's lying I guess. ah, she's the witch(?) would make sense. he's alive (the prince). haha the clock ticked. 4:34 PM

s1e2. lol its an emergency to tell your son about the arrest. lol "what's the harm" (he says it in an obvious way like he knows a loophole but ignores the sign). Henry is her father's name and the name she gave to the boy. Hmm will we get to see non fairy tale Rumplestiltskin make a request and say please (I suppose even if he doesn't remember, it can happen by chance). Ha, he bit the apple. "So I suggest you'll excuse me. Please." 10:07 PM

s1e3. the odd/cool thing is sometimes the characters look so different from their fairy tale version. lol the mayor found a missing person and later finds his wife, ridiculous. snow white says similar, i dont understand you didnt know he was here in a coma. emma says what I asked, "i think its strange youve been his emergency contact all these years and you only found her now". 2:49 AM

s1e4 he's gonna be in the backseat. oh no she made a deal with him! lol almost 5 and has to get him home like Cinderella. lol not really a council meeting. 8:21 PM

quick comment on last once episode [[s1e4]], i wonder if they plan to do like a double agent thing or if purely he's working for her. which character would he be though. s1e5. sometimes the tension between emma and regina is so awkward. holy crap, hanging on by the umbrella. nice, he gives it to her good ("custody battle"). ah those dolls were actually shown in the previous episode where his shop was broken into. what is that glass? [oh its the glass coffin] 12:51 AM


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