Season 1

ep1. Ragnarok. hmm i expected her to die but didnt necessarily expect this episode, and not enough to mention to ada. ep 2. she asks for sth special and i said he would tell her he has super powers. he said i can throw a hammer half a km, ada and I laughed. 9:50 PM

huh why was magnes brother also entranced in the same way. 10:29 PM

ep3. btw we are watching with English dub and english subtitle, but original language is norweigen. haha he's not writing anything down. police says he reached the bottom in 30 min what averages 90. "the old language" Saxa quickly says "Icelandic". I knew she was gonna eat that bird. 100 meter in 7 seconds, Usain Bolt record 9.58 seconds. I'm a little surprised they only just started walking towards the arm wrestling. is Laurits more surprised by his brother or the principal. he saw her true form. himself in the mirror. 9:59 PM

ep4. made explicit that he is Thor, though that much was clear given the norse mythology and hammer and lighting in ep 1. haha he hands Gry his blue stress thing . haha "with something in its eye". they spoke in old norse but didnt translate. "you hid it at our spot". oh shit the way he killed Trym by opening the jaws was cool. poor Magne to find Gry with Fjor. Gry sees stuff but Fjor isnt strict about it. 10:48 PM

ep5 Erik doesn't know code, I would think the phone code is Saxa. [yep]. lol what a weird romance. I'm surprised they didn't do sth to cover up the tunnels. anyways a bit anticlimatic if its just waste barrels from Jutul industries. 10:57 PM

ep6. I think it doesn't make sense, why not move the barrels before if it were possible to move them. the seer will probably say something to the mom. she seems to feign not stealing the picture, Ada said maybe Laurits stole it, I said that makes sense, but then Gry shows the photo. when Magne leaves, I notice Laurits is missing, so when the real Ran is told to stay seated, Laurits makes sense (cause he dyed his hair). Magne vs Vidar. haha Ada said why did Vidar stop at sight of the lightning. in my head I figured shock. as Ada questions is Vidar alive. she wanted to watch more but I said that was the last episode of the season. it's true that it's probably not the best cliffhanger... it kind of was less epic than I thought it would be. 8:37 AM

oh we watched the episode yesterday. and Ada also commented during their fight that what does Magne going to do he basically just knows his strength. I said probably he will bring the lightning, but I thought he would do it with a hammer. 8:38 AM

the fact that he got struck with lighting and is alive makes me think likely Vidar is alive as well. I also posed the question that likely there are other giants and gods. the show hints at that one new girl playing an important role. and due to the direction of Fjor at the end, he could play a role like the two characters in Buffy: vampires on the side of good. 8:40 AM

Season 2


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