The Witcher

the other day (20200221) we watched the first episode. it was somewhat confusing. there was all this related story about princess and towers. 8:30 PM

it was so confusing I thought perhaps it was past and present being told. today watch the next episode. new characters Yennefer and Istredd are interesting. 9:26 PM

yesterday ep 3. Triss Merigold. the opening from witcher 1. 10:19 AM

ep 4 Witcher. so it's revealed that we have a Geralt in a past timeline - Geralt and Bard. Finally some quick Law of Surprise explanation - give me that which you already have but do not know. 11:25 PM

It was confusing until I read the clarification. So yeah, Geralt basically is tied to Ciri by destiny. 11:35 PM

ep5 witcher. what was his first wish (after he makes his second, maybe his wish is what caused jaskier to have problem). we think he wished for her to be pregnant, well Ada thinks pregnant, I think he just made her viable. ep 6. Borch hints there's probably a baby. his conversation with Yen. Geralt after they wake : she wants to kill dragon but not Geralt. Borch says sth about them but then what did he wish third. he's crazy killed all those people. 10:12 PM

*"when your species is on the verge of collapse, perhaps everything becomes more desperate" was the foreshadow and the easy prediction. 10:21 PM

ep 7. a fake, my intuition is he knows. oh this is the present and apparently he just discovered. i thought maybe Yennefer might have been the one to free him but he basically freed himself. story lines finally brought together. good ending. 9:16 PM

ep 8. got repeated, what does that mean "it's not real it's magic". Ciri runs off and the Witcher arrives... I knew the man taking care of Witcher was the husband of the woman taking care of Ciri (back when the man said he would take the Witcher back to his home). haha "Who's Yennefer?" is Yennefer dead? I don't think so... maybe she's in a spiritual dimension... I feel like having her just end casting a giant flame is anticlimatic because how many soldiers died from that attack? 10:23 PM

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