The Witcher

The other day (20200221) Ada and I watched the first episode. It was somewhat confusing. There was all this related story about a princess and towers. 8:30 PM

It was so confusing that I thought perhaps it was both the past and present being told.

Today we watched the second episode. The new characters Yennefer and Istredd are interesting. 9:26 PM

Triss Merigold.
The opening from The Witcher (video game)

so it's revealed that we have a Geralt in a past timeline - Geralt and Bard.
Finally some quick Law of Surprise explanation - give me that which you already have but do not know. 11:25 PM [It was confusing until I read the clarification. So yeah, Geralt basically is tied to Ciri by destiny. 11:35 PM]

what was his first wish (after he makes his second, maybe his wish is what caused Jaskier to have a problem).
we think he wished for her to be pregnant; well Ada thinks pregnant, I think he just wished to have her be viable

Borch hints there's probably a baby.
his conversation with Yen.
Geralt after they wake: she wants to kill dragon but not Geralt.
Borch says something about them but then what did he wish third.
he's crazy killed all those people. 10:12 PM
"when your species is on the verge of collapse, perhaps everything becomes more desperate" was the foreshadow and the easy prediction. 10:21 PM

A fake, my intuition is he knows.
oh this is the present and apparently he just discovered.
I thought maybe Yennefer might have been the one to free him but he basically freed himself.
story lines finally brought together. good ending. 9:16 PM

got repeated, what does that mean "it's not real it's magic".
Ciri runs off and the Witcher arrives...
I knew the man taking care of Witcher was the husband of the woman taking care of Ciri (back when the man said he would take the Witcher back to his home).
haha "Who's Yennefer?"
is Yennefer dead? I don't think so... maybe she's in a spiritual dimension... I feel like having her just end casting a giant flame is anti-climatic because how many soldiers died from that attack? 10:23 PM

I should watch that scene again where he claims the Law of Surprise
I forgot who this person is, this witch who is concerned with finding Yennefer and who was able to calm Triss; I also don't remember why there was a big fight; or why Yennefer would have even disappeared from the battlefield [oh when she shows up to interrogate the prisoner, I recalled she was Yennefer's teacher]
Ah, she's alive. (Yennefer)
Ha! I was wondering why The Witcher was missing. I thought perhaps on purpose. But it was revealed his friend was cheating.
Ooo. Spider-girl. How freaky. Very freaky movements as well. Scary vibes from The Exorcist.
Interesting relationship. She can eat him and I guess cause of his curse he would come back to life?

Do greetings ever happen like that in real life? Where someone comes in and everyone acts all serious, and the seriousness is broken by laughter? I feel like it's just a cinematic effect for the audience.
Hehe. The field hand story.
"It has rats." "That's a good sign. It means it's one of the good ones."
Freaky (monster/wood growing out of his wound)
"Maybe Eskel's leshy wants its hand back."
An evil witch?
Don't really understand the whole witch dreams situation (so Yennefer doesn't have her powers and she's being tempted to make a deal to get them back?), but cool to see Geralt to begin training Ciri

Ada was wondering about the age of the actress who plays Ciri (who is about 13 years old). I guessed 19. Apparently, she turned 20 last September.
Tissaia knows that Yennifer lost her powers [perhaps Yennifer should confide in her]
I'm pretty sure she won't kill him, but I don't know what happens next
[While discussing, Ada said the way she broke the chain with the axe was unrealistic]
Why didn't anybody chase after Yennifer? [Ada said no one could do magic, but I figure they could have just pursued her manually...][It might have been the way she knocked down the pillars]

I'm not good with following all the politcs. There's like different factions, kingdoms, and such
"Burn Butcher Burn"
"you're choosing to be ignorant arseholes"
Huh. So Triss has powers as opposed to using Chaos magic? Oh, I didn't know the bard [Jaskier] had a thing for Geralt ("When I wrote it, it did come from the heart. Perhaps a broken one. We're better off without him.")
Ha! "It took me to the fourth verse to understand there were different timelines."
"Fuck the North!"
Oh no! I can't believe it.

Yennefer stayed!
Impossible he says. [Istredd]
Yennefer tries to use her magic and resists temptation from the voice. I think part of this was inspiration from Jaskier. Soon after, we see Jaskier with blood on his face. I'm thinking Yennifer will rescue him and her magic will work.
Hmm. While she did save him, it was using her wit... Impressive
In the context of the Elder Blood, Ciri mentioned elves. I guess Elder blood comes from elves [a specific lineage of elves]
Jaskier says it's his job to play damsel in distress
Interesting. "This isn't how it's supposed to work." Seems dangerous to continue.
Such green eyes.
I don't remember how Istredd knows that Yennifer's alive...
She said daughter...
Huh, the person attacked Triss even though Triss was healing her
That injector had so many needles.
Hmm... what kind of partners do they mean?
Hmm... so as I'm watching, I didn't think Yennefer would give in. That would make for a really strong character. She ends up reciting some words, which are apparently not contractual, they just teleported her away. Seems useful enough to buy time. So... my guess is that she doesn't make a deal.
Huh. Interesting end to the episode.

his summary is good
oh no, how did that guy end up finding where the Witchers stay... I thought Jaskier didn't give in
"Where the fuck are my swords?"
In the conversation between Fringilla and the elf, there are many terms and relationships: The White Flame, Nilfgaard, and Chair [regarding The White Flame: "This comment, without much other context, insinuates the White Flame has some religious affiliation, given Fringilla's sense of a higher purpose. Tissaia later perpetuates this notion in the season finale "Much More" when she uses the same phrase, explaining Niflgaard's sense of a higher purpose to commit their heinous acts."; Nilfgaard is a region with Cintra being a part of that; Cahir was tasked with bringing Priness Cirilla of Cintra back Nilfgaard]
Cahir reminds Fringilla that capturing Cintra was to get Ciri
"Only four? You got some catching up to do."
Hmm. Not sure I understand. If Yennefer was able to track Ciri down, how did she know where and why not anybody else?
She gave birth practically squatting
Do babies have to cry when born? [Not necessarily]
"Just warmth"
Huh. But wasn't the baby itself due to magic? [A deal with the Deathless Mother. Her end of the bargain was to form an alliance with Fringilla and Nilfgaard]
So we have Istredd learnign some information and then Dara figuring some things out for himself
Hehe. The tooth.
How does that fire guy disappear so quickly?

Hmm. So Fringilla reminds her of the deal and she ignores it... this can't end well.
Hehe. Silly girl. Are there no stories to the potency of elder blood that she'd be eager to do blood tracing. I thought it would have been mixing and stuff, not smelling. At least an experiment would be more likely to be harmless.
Haha hang portraits off of them
Hmm... he leaves wanting her trust yet basically earlier breaks some trust by not giving her the time to talk with Triss...
I was confused about Francesca's daughter. I thought it was the Deathless Mother's doing. The wiki says this "However, in the capital city, an assassin sent by Emhyr killed Francesca's newborn daughter." So the Deathless Mother was just feeding off the pain.

Genocide. Why exactly can't the elves have birth anyways... [apparently a mix of fertility cycles, interest, and age of fertility; though perhaps if they knew their species was endangered, they should have put more effort into saving it...]
Wild Hunt.
Hehe. Busted. I sent to have the baby killed.
The White Flame is Ciri's father. Emyrh. Duny. I suppose the who-he-was is a surprise to us, but not to Nilfgaard, which is the question Geralt posed in the previous scene (something to the effect of "How did the Nilfgaardians know?") [I guess something I still don't understand is why they had to attack Cintra to find Ciri. Couldn't her father have just asked nicely?]

the beginning was so confusing that I decided to watch a recap of Season 2 on YouTube. I totally didn't remember the Deathless Mother character taking over Ciri
what's with these letters?
hehe are you two fucking again?
hehe you look lovely
Ciri not really masked
hmm don't even use codenames
huh that creature (Jackapace) was so easily defeated by Geralt
wow... too much taking place in that fight: Rience, portal, dwarves, elves, Ciri's friend, someone close to Francesca is killed [her brother]
no kiss goodbye
smile. "if you say so pip"
Geralt writes a letter back. kind of weird telling someone you will learn to trust them again...
weird end to the episode...
1=20230807 AM Hours

Jaskier is underrated... quite useful
he didn't want a Ciri substitute and here he gets a Ciri look-alike
OMG Rience killed them... what a dangerous profession (collecting information)
oh wow I totally forgot Yennifer's backstory and hard beginnings with Tissaia
holy moly "I'm Ciri"

hmm it is just a show... but I suppose nevertheless she feels sorry for the wyvern
hmm unfortunate that she had to kill it... perhaps that will let her think about consequences... like what did she expect to have done? it's also such a petty cause. her ambition to save the world and worry about a little wyvern that could end her life...
huh. Tissaia's eye releases a blood tear like as with Yennifer in her flashback in previous episode
hmm Ciri has an inability to mask herself (something I empathize with)
huh... why did Cahir kill [Gallatin]? [see last comment]
what? "they were real"
Why was Ciri riding on her own? [apparently after she had gotten upset, she basically ran away]
afterward finishing the episode I read this article. Among other things, it cleared up why Cahir killed Gallatin - a close friend: in an earlier scene Emhyr told Cahir that he wants the elves to remain united, so Gallatin must be removed (because Gallatin desires to separate from Francesca) and that doing so would prove Cahir's loyalty. Whie Cahir went through with it, he also showed himself to be torn by what he did (smashing the mirror)... loyalty is strange. The article also explained that Teryn was one of many experiments to create a fake Ciri.



hmm... the story is moving too fast. just as Yen and Geralt discover it is Vilgeforte, so too do Dijkstra and Philippa act. well I guess the second half of the previous episode does indicate they would act... but then... hmm...
hehe Yen finishes off Lydia
poor Geralt loses credibility for making the wrong call the other day
hah! I believe I called it thay Dijkstra would end up injured (Geralt breaks his arm and leg)
hmm... the problem with Dijkstra and Phillipa is what they did was... rash. they could have done it more elegantly. present proof and sway those that need to be swayed, namely Tissaia.
wow, Vilgefortz doesn't even leave anything hidden at this point.
there's a reason there's a saying: "hell hath no fury like a woman scorn"... Vilgefortz better run cause I imagine Tissiaia could be out to kill him. on the other hand, it is implied from his portals that he is a very powerful mage
interesting. mages versus elves
hehe. okay... what were they expecting here... easy victory? (Tissaia takes aim at Francesca, the husband takes the shot and bloody scene. and she screams "Noooo!" uh... ok.)
interesting... it was an overly powerful attack...
gasp. Fringilla... "goodbye uncle"
wow. was that really the simple end to Rience?
why is Fringilla against mages slash helping Francesca / elves again?
Alzur's thunder... very cool sounding name
"I love you, my daughter"
"good thing you enjoy pain"
"there's no coming back from this"
wow really? Ciri vs Cahir?
would she really have been able to fight against him?
wow. what is going on... Cahir... I thought he was faking it
I feel like Tissaia's use of the thunder attack was wasted
good to see Stregobor didn't hold a grudge against Yen
wow. Geralt painfully beaten by Vilgefortz
1=20230809 AM Hours

Jaskier says "I've got to find my family"
"not wounded, dying"
yikes. almost eaten
unicorn (that was metal at beginning of episode)
my intuition of this person talking in riddles is that she is Ciri.
there seems to be indications in what she says supporting my intuition such as her little spiel about how they are similar...
unless perhaps she is the elven ancestor
Ciri identifies this person as Falka. are we suppose to know who that is?
what does this actually mean or imply: "I relinquinsh my power"
Jaskier's song brings them to tears
huh what was that paper?
Credits: a clean version of the song which Ciri sang as she wandered the desert. nice!
1=20230810 AM Hours

ah, so I guess the celebration referred in the last episode means that news of Ciri being found got to Ehmyr.
indeed. "That's the thing about trust. you have it until you don't"
hmm it would seem Francesca's siding with Ehmyr is not the right choice... lost forces and continue to be used...
smile hehehe. "How dare you. I would milk his dear for like... three songs and maybe a [...]"
hmm there was definitely a telling in the "I'll catch up" but I didn't write down a prediction... so yeah...
I'm curious if Tissaia transferred her power to Yen. or if possible the ability to give birth... that'd be crazy. [20230905: also unnecessary as Yen has essentially come to having seeing Ciri as her child]
yikes. so I figure Dijkstra would rather kill himself but I didn't see it coming that King Vizimir would be killed
I'm guessing it's Teryn
huh... he left his token piece. I thought he would have taken it back. perhaps this is his way of letting it go. like a trade.
hmm what name will she give?
"Call me Falka."
did she always have green eyes?

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