Locke and Key

Yesterday we watched the first episode of Locke and Key. It started real slow. It ended mysteriously with their mother forgetting. My main question is how did the evil person get out of the well and if she were able to leave the well she could have gone anywhere and eat food etc. Today we watched the second episode. It oddly started off at the next day but gets into a lot more story and character development. 10:04 PM

Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones), Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott), and Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup)

S1E3. The obvious question was if he could talk to ghosts and the next moment he meets his relative. So intense for her to go into her mind and then drag out her fear in a body bag, stab it when it wiggles and bury it in the ground. I can't imagine how she managed to stab and drag it in the first place. 10:35 PM

S1E4. So she knows Kinsey has the Mind key but didn't immediately take it. Interesting twist but she could just threaten his family member. 9:41 PM

S1E5. Wow, a lot happened in this episode: music box, Gabe, Duncan's memories, and Ellie. Haha the most lighthearted and fun scene was the mother's encounter with Rufus. Overall, there were moments where the show could have spent time to work on character interaction but instead decided to skip it for suspense. Will we get to see what the teacher wanted to show her? What really happened? Why did Rendell kill his friends? Was it really Rendell? 10:35 PM

Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira)

S1E6. Hmm... things happen so quickly in terms of story telling: Duncan's memories, cave, Gabe, Tyler and Dodge. 9:46 PM

S1E7. Wow episode around Sam Lesser. And quite the ending. I wonder if they're gonna do anything with how he's a ghost. And the obvious question is how will the story continue with her in possession of so many keys. 10:38 PM

Sam Lesser (Thomas Mitchell Barnet)

S1E9. Kinsey's fear was a jumpscare. The story's holes are filled with Ellie's point of view etc. Haha Ada says she should have left the key with them, true. Ada also guessed "looking for this?" moment. I wonder what will happen in episode 10. 10:20 PM

S1E10. I had some thougths on possible endings. Dodge neither wins nor loses. New enemy. They open omega door but don't know what's inside. Wait, Ellie said what's in the omega door. 8:35 PM

What about the fire key? Well they're turning on the lights. Dodge just has to cut the power. Maybe they threw in Ellie. Later Bode brings up the possibility but they dismiss it. As Gabe rides the bike, Ada figures he's Dodge. I'm wondering how she forced Ellie to change. Wow Gabe knew she got hit. So I was technically right on both accounts. 9:19 PM

I finished Season 2 of Locke and Key today. The overall story is good enough to follow, but I had some problems with some of the convenient details. I think in some stories, miscommunication is used more subtly - I think often time-based. In Locke and Key, there is also plenty of miscommunication, but instead of being poor timing, it's on the characters, which makes it so that I as a viewer become upset with the characters.

Random thoughts on the ending of the final episode. As for the ending, Bode looking to use the memory key on his mom without his mom's permission and without checking in with his siblings drives me crazy. Tyler wanting to leave and forget is understandable, but not practical. I feel like they should take more responsibility on protecting the keys. A thread that ended on a happy note, but could have a twist lies in Ellie. So she just made it out of the door without any consequences? She was shown taking the key from Bode, so she passed the demon test, but that doesn't mean she's just her old self.
Season 2:
1: What are the rules of the ghost door?

Episode 1:
1: He says he's an echo so he can't die
1: Huh. What's going on? She didn't remember the keys.
1: Is this a new key or a replica of an existing key?

Episode 2:
1: Hehehe. He refuses to let her inside his head.
1: barrister - "a lawyer entitled to practice as an advocate, particularly in the higher courts."
1: Huh. He has a replica of Keyhouse!
1: Kinsey says "There has to be some way around this." I imagine it must be true because her dad probably continued to know about the keys
1: Wait. How was he able to take the key? [Apparently because Bode had the intent of giving the key]
1: "Intention"
1: Good question. "Why isn't there a second Erin?" Actually I thought this might have been showin in Season 1 - that she got trapped inside her head.

Episode 3
1: while the mistake of leaving the anywhere key on the desk is beyond stupid, I did like how Eden blamed it on Gabe. "That's on you" he had some side agenda that he wanted to pursue. I also like how Kinsey's gut reaction is that Scot was being controlled by the music box.
1: similarly, I like how Erin knew it was the small keyhouse key. this displays that she was very familiar with the various keys.
1: I suppose one interesting thing is who rehid the keys. I assume at somepoint someone just went around hiding the keys in Keyhouse.
1: Erin feeling sorry for Duncan is something but she didn't quite explain why they did it. he made the key, sure. but then why take away his memories? to protect him? cause giving them back would then endanger him? and really, all his memories about magic are contained in a bag full of jars?

Episode 4
1: hmm... so I wondered how the fear made its way back and apparently it just broke free.
1: good to see Kinsey catch Gabe and Eden together. the bathroom excuse was bad. though I think it's ridiculous that Bode hasn't communicated that Gabe came over. like I feel that's very simple, "Hey Kinsey, your friend Lucas came over today." so that's super annoying. I feel like lazy writing. something as simple as Lucas reminding Bode not to tell.
1: I thought Jackie's request was sensible. but I guess it means Tyler is addicted to using magic. cause it'd be simple for him to use magic personally and just to not use magic around his girlfriend. but if he's not willing to give it up for her... maybe he shouldn't be with her.

Episode 5
1: it's interesting to see him be sentimental about the picture and say "yeah they were"
1: Gabe's clinginess is annoying. cause he seems like such a cool character. and for him to be worried and controlling seems the opposite of a cool villain.
1: whoa that was a mix of stupid. Kinsey goes into Eden's head without telling Scot. Eden can wake up anytime and just remove the key to trap Kinsey inside, right? then Scot follows, which I suppose that was somewhat reasonable because he was telling her they should leave. I guess at the end of the day it was a good tension and they got information to move the story along.
1: wtf... why doesn't that door have a peephole installed. just open the door for the person you know is coming over to do something malicious...

Episode 6
1: In the other episode, Tyler hypothesized that maybe the keys only when whisper when they're needed. and here Duncan reveals that he thought the same. though that's somewhat opposite the idea that the keys are purely demonic and want to cause trouble.
1: hmm. I don't know. I would beg to differ. maybe it's just as much Erin's fight as it is Duncan's.
1: like honestly. why would a normal person pry so much? a villain should be less annoying (or annoying in a comical way). this is such bad writing.
1: hehe he gave her a choice, asked kindly for her consent, but then still pressured her to say yes. good for her to continue to refuse.
1: ooo so she lied about knowing about the key after all...
1: hmm... Erin didn't have to play hero all alone ... (but to my point earlier, being a Keeper of the Keys did entitle her to being part of the battle) I suppose it was kind of stupid to enter the maze. usually mazes like that have towers you can just climb up to find someone or direct them or help them etc... I guess it just makes for a thrilling story.

Episode 7
1: "aloha"
1: that's great, but a plan that requires Jamie to hold down a cup doesnt seem great. like maybe find some weights? um... ok. like Jamie could have been the one to push Gabe through the door. lame.
1: also instead of just letting go of the cup she could have quickly tried to knock Eden out. lame again.
1: it looked like Tyler looked at Scot when if Eden let go of Scot, it should be Tyler's job to attack her with the fire key.
1: ok spoiler. good to see Duncan survived.
1: man, how are they going to recover from this one?

Episode 8
1: Huh. So... I don't remember Josh's last name... but I'm guessing this introduction between Captain Frederick Gideon and Peter Locke likely indicates that they're from two different families. [His last name is actually Bennett, but I would still assume due to the journal and bullet he inherited that he comes from Gideon's line. Also I think in the last episode he dressed up in red uniform]
1: Oh yeah. I don't think I was able to comment last episode when Eden was definitely smart to anticipate that perhaps the Lockes had the upperhand. And failing to even assume that scenario was almost Gabe's undoing. And here, she said he could have turned half the town by now instead of just 8 people.
1: Ooo. He gets touchy about Kinsey. She could have meant it as an empty threat just to see where he stands. If she wants, she could partner with the Lockes and fake holding Kinsey hostage... though I'm not sure what that could necessarily accomplish other than bait or antagonize him.
1: They're just gonna play most of this back? ("Then we make our stand here.")
1: So is it implied that Gideon had children that would inherit his belonging after being hung?
1: That's so hard to read in messy writing. I had to pause to read it. First line says "Sea Cave" and second line says "Near Keyhouse?"
1: They skipped Doug, but went for Scot, and took Kinsey...
1: Hmm. What can Bode do, he has no keys.
1: Oh shit. Quick thinking by Bode.
1: Oh no. I'm glad he was able to think of this, as it really shows he's able to think straight. And moments in the other episodes where the other characters think straight... it really makes up for when they're dumb in the head. LOL.
1: Oh well. I suppose that's the pros and cons of her accepting.
1: Hmm. I didn't figure they would have to make a new key to remove the demon. I thought the analogy with a key turns both ways means you just have to literally insert the already made key and just turn it the other way. That's how most key and keyholes tend to work.
1: Oh snaps! I didn't see that coming (the lure)

Episode 9
1: huh. he says he wanted it to be her choice. but he also wants to force her. yet he threatens to kill her mom. so to some extent I think she does need to comply? but that begs the question: did Jackie comply? well Javi definitely didn't want to be turned... hmm. no idea. some not clear events happening.
1: so communication has been a weak point of the Lockes, but here Kinsey is communicating with Tyler and Duncan that Gabe showed up and threatened her
1: hmm. I had read than Ellie escaped but some people were in disbelief how the door opened. at the end of the day, perhaps the door is a door. like the door on one's house, the strongest locking mechanism is limited by security of the door. why no one has tried to brute force the door is unclear. perhaps those who've known about the door simply didn't need to and perhaps the technology of the 1800s wouldn't have seen anyone breaking through the sides around the door. even in the modern era, it took demonic magic to disturb the opening around the door. in short, I personally am able to suspend disbelief on this one. [I went to a thread and there were responses that hypothesized it had to do with Josh triggering the portal to open]

Episode 10
1: in the last episode or perhaps the one before that I noticed the intro showed a key. I had never noticed before. in this intro there is the winged king which was found in the last episode.
1: nice Duncan was able to command them! override!
1: lol. ok. so Kinsey got the crown. now Kinsey lost the crown. that crown seems to come off too easily.
1: hmm did they snatch the chain and crown as well? [it seems not]
1: hmm. maybe a nice gesture, but easily a trick. in theory Tyler used the demon key but they should use the demon test anyways.
1: lol... Eden got in over her head (literally). interesting introduction of this echo as a villain. I mean kind of hard though as he knows none of the rules. perhaps Eden should have hung a different carrot over him. she was doing so well for a secondary villain.
1: but so what about Lucas, was he just set free?


Kinsey, Bode, Nina (Darby Stanchfield), Tyler, and Duncan (Aaron Ashmore)

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