Locke and Key

yesterday we watched the first episode of Locke and Key. it started real slow. mysterious end with their mother forgetting. my main question is how did the evil person get out of the well and if she were able to leave the well she could have gone anywhere and eat food etc. today we watched the second episode. it oddly started off at the next day but gets into a lot more story and characters development. 10:04 PM

Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones), Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott), and Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup)

ep 3. the obvious question was if he could talk ghosts and the next moment meets his relative. so intense for her to go into her mind and then drag out her fear in a body bag, stab it when it wiggles and bury it in the ground. I can't imagine how she managed to stab and drag it in the first place. 10:35 PM

s1e4. so she knows Kinsey has the mind key but didn't immediately take it. interesting twist but she could just threaten his family member. 9:41 PM

s1e5 wow, a lot happened in this episode: music box, Gabe, Duncan's memories, and Ellie. haha the most lighthearted and fun scene was the mother's encounter rufus. overall the there were moments where the show could have spent to work on character interaction but defers it for suspense. will we get to see what the teacher wanted to show her? what really happened, why did Rendell kill his friends. was it really Rendell? 10:35 PM

Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira)

s1e6. hmm... things happen so quickly in terms of story telling. Duncan memories, cave, Gabe, Tyler and Dogde. 9:46 PM

s1e7. wow episode around Sam Lesser. and quite the ending. I wonder if they're gonna do anything with how he's a ghost. and the obvious question is how will the story continue with her in possession of so many keys. 10:38 PM

Sam Lesser (Thomas Mitchell Barnet)

s1e9. Kinsey's fear was a jumpscare. the story's holes are filled with Ellie's point of view etc. Haha Ada says she should have left the key with them, true. Ada also guessed "looking for this?" moment. wonder what will happen in episode 10. 10:20 PM

s1e10 had some thougths on possible endings. dodge neither wins nor loses. new enemy. they open omega door but dont know whats inside. wait Ellie said whats in the omega door. 8:35 PM

what about the fire key. well they're turning on lights. Dodge just has to cut the power. maybe they threw in Ellie. later Bode brings up the possibility but they dismiss. as Gabe rides the bike, Ada figures he's Dodge. I'm wondering how she forced Ellie to change. wow Gabe knew she got hit. so I was technically right both accounts. 9:19 PM


Kinsey, Bode, Nina (Darby Stanchfield), Tyler, and Duncan (Aaron Ashmore)

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