Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

Some time after watching the movie I was telling my sister about the film and began thinking about the consequence it might have on the film itself. Would I watch Mary Poppins differently now that I've seen this movie? Perhaps, but likely neither for better nor for worse.

In any case, the movie was a joy to watch, especially since I had seen Mary Poppins many times as a kid. The reason is two-fold. First, it unraveled unknown information about the story and gives the different characters a backstory. Second, it was fun to hear the different songs.

Overall, the movie was fascinating and I would recommend it to those who enjoy Mary Poppins and are curious about the author behind the stories on which the movie was based (I actually didn't know the movie was based on any stories until watching this movie). While the movie is a strong drama in it's own right, I perceive it as being more enjoyable if one has seen Mary Poppins.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 98% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Instant Comments:
The rain brings life / so does the sun (so it does....).
Interesting how so many of the things that viewers have come to love about the film are things that she disliked, at least partially or initially.
We know many of the things she's against end up in the film (e.g., musical, Dick Van Dyke, color red).
Yet we also see her influence (e.g., Winifred, tape measure instead of ruler).
Awww... the Mickey Mouse.
"Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)" and Mr. Bank's song.
Walt explains he sympathizes (Mouse is family to him).
That's unfortunate (alcoholism).
"Fidelity Fiduciary Bank."
"It's hardly Yeats is it?" Ouch.
Half teary at bandstand with lake + I would love to take her there (Jane; in the movie I guess there's a lake and a bandstand...)
Wow things got dark (mother leaves)
Will she kill herself?
WTF... wow (intense).
LOL "The thought of visiting your dollar printing machine."
haha "When does someone get to go to Disneyland with Walt Disney himself.
hehe Winds from the East, "Mary Poppins."
I see... so if her book reflects her life, then it's likely that the book didn't have a happy ending, and neither would have the movie.
Resuming the movie around 9:30 PM.
"You see I had my own Mr. Banks, mine had a mustache."
"I'm tired of remembering it that way."
He said Mary Poppins is real in the eyes of... and that reminded me of my perspective on God's existence.
Aww, she signs the paper across from Mickey.
Mickey escorts her in.
Haha, crying, "No. No. It's just I can't abide cartoons." I'm not sure if she's serious.

End titles have many real pictures of Walt and Mrs. Travers; with actor names next to pictures of their real life counterparts (neat but confusing for those unfamiliar).
Start of credits is a tape roll of the real Mrs. Travers during script readings; there was a scene in the movie that used similar, almost identical, lines.

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Saving Mr. Banks (2013) John Lee Hancock. 125 min

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