Christopher Robin (2018)

Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings)

This movie was charming and I loved the way it captured the essence of the Winnie the Pooh media franchise.

Besides the animation and voices of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, I also enjoyed the performances of Ewan McGregor (Christopher Robin), Hayley Atwell (Robin's wife Evelyn), and Bronte Carmichael (Robin's daughter Madeline).

Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor)

While an animation mixed with live action, this movie seems better suited for adults than for kids, especially because of the movie's message. With that being said, there could be something in it for kids (perhaps around ten and older).

In the end, I would highly recommend the movie to anyone who has enjoyed Winnie the Pooh or looking for a reminder of what it's like to be a kid.*

Evelyn Robin (Hayley Atwell)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 99% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

*Of the various stuffed animals, Pooh strongly embodies the mind and spirit of a child. Even so, there is wisdom to be found in his words.

Christopher Robin and Pooh

Instant Comments:
Her father reads something dry.
aww... warmed.
Pooh's replies are precious.

Piglet (Nick Mohammed) and Roo (Sara Sheen)

hehe pooh requests a red balloon
"A fish in the sea" [...] "...efficiency."
the heffalump fight
teary eyed: "But I found you didn't I?"

Madeline Robin (Bronte Carmichael) with Tigger (Jim Cummings), Piglet, and Pooh

Mid-credits song.

Watched 20190315 (Netflix, Instant)
Christopher Robin (2018) Marc Forster. 104 min

Eeyore (Brad Garrett)

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