Gurren Lagann

Overview: Kamina and Simon pilot mecha called Gunman and fight other Gunmen which are piloted by Beastman. They're mechas are named Gurren and Lagann, respectively, and they combine to become the mecha Gurren Lagann!

Gurren Lagann

Recommendation: I'm currently watching this show, but I love it thus far and would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy an anime with plenty of action (about half of each episode) and a lot of positive thinking!

Recommended to me by a friend (A.M.), Netflix determined the series for me as a 97% match.

Kamina, Simon, and Yoko Littner.

Me: I started Gurren Lagann and it's pretty awesome.
A.M.: Isn't it!? I love that anime so much. I'm excited that you're watching it!
Me: Yeah, I've only watched up to and including episode 4, but thus far it has everything: great animation, a great cast of characters, and great dialogue. It has a great balance of action and emotion. In fact, the only reason I haven't seen more episodes is that I recently turned off the "Autoplay Next" feature on Netflix.
Me: I just can't stop praising this show. For example, I just love the following line: "Listen up, Simon. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!" When I first heard it, I was confused, but it's absolutely genius! It captures the mindset of a lot of people. A lot of people find it hard to believe in themselves, but simply externalize that belief and it suddenly becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Today I resumed watching the series. I can't believe I let a year pass without watching an episode of this series.

Netflix determined the series for me as a 96% match. I gave the series a thumbs up.

I was watching episode 9 today and I tried to explain the show to Ada. However, I figured it was easier to just show her some clips. I showed her part of episode 1 (Kamina stands up to the gunmen to when they surface and encounter other gunmen), part of episode 2 (Kamina takes over the gunmen to the end where he learns the identity of the skeleton he saw), part of episode 3 (Kamina and Lagann combine to their victory), and part of episode 8 (Kamina and Yoko kiss to Simon driving Dai-Gunzan towards the volcano; I watched the entire episode).

Today I picked up from where I left off. Actually, my notes only went up to Episode 11, while Netflix said I already watched Episode 12. Taking the conservative approach, I watched Episode 12 and I recognized many parts of it - so I probably saw it already.
1: Ha. Comments on her body.
1: Ha, her boobs squished against the walls.

Kinon, Kiyoh, and Kiyal

1, A: "Listen up, Simon. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!"
1: "Bust through the Heavens with your drill!" That's the title of the episode, at least on Netflix.
1: Lol. Her boob jiggled from Boota.
1: "Tasty morsel hiding in more tasty morsels."
1: Ha! Yoko reacts differently than what females in other animes I've seen would do; namely, I've usually seen them scream or blush, but Yoko smiles and subsequently even embraces Simon protectively against some unknown villain.
1=20171028, A=20190503 (partial viewing)

Yoko and Leeron Littner

1: Spirit-powered is interesting.
1: Lol. The second time the writers discussed gender.
1: Yoko breaks the fourth wall for the second time.
1: Hmm. I wonder if they ever explain how Kamina was able to take control of the Gunman. A: It seems as though he took over by sheer will (after seeing the skull).
A: I didn't remember that the skeleton's identity was revealed.
1=20171028, A=20190503 (partial viewing)

1, A: Yoko in wonderment says, "They're gonna combine!" To which Leeron says, "Oh please, honey."
1, A: Yoko: "Gurren?" / Random guy: "Lagann?" / Ron: "Oh please."
A: Hehe. It looks funny when they're first attached and nothing happens yet.
1: Haha. There was no question she'd end up going too.
1=20171029, A=20190503 (partial viewing)

Everybody tries to cram into Lagann.

The middle sister speaks like Hinata in Naruto.
Wow. What a sacrifice. Boota's tail.

What a strange village.
Holy shit. He rigged it.

Includes a flashback to the first episode.

Yoko's top comes undone.

Ha. Plot twist.
Why is Boota in charge of covering Kamina's private part? [Apparently this episode is censored and a special uncensored version was eventually released.]
Ha. And Simon has a big drill covering his privates.
"Good morning, sunshine."

"First things first. Put some clothes on!"
Interesting. It fixed itself (via Kamina's spirit)
"Man on fire... blazing chariot kick!"

1: Yoko kisses Kamina.
1: Simon gets jealous.
1: "Simon open the hatch. Let me see you grit those teeth."
1, A: Kamina changes what he says and concludes with "Have faith in the Simon that believes in you."
1=20190427, A=20190503

There are other boxes.

Huh. I think her excuse is reasonable.

Haha. In unison, "Oh, the gunmen are almost upon us. Ah."

A: How silly of the men to desire Yoko in a swimsuit, since her top is practically already a swimsuit.
A: Yoko ends up wearing less revealing clothing
A: Nia...
A: Nia's good at everything
1=20190504, A=20220613

Probably her food will be bad
Interesting Yoko gives flying a try
Boota dives into Yoko's chest
Cool integration
Hehe so shooting out of Gurren Lagaan isn't a great idea
Simon pilots it by himself... so what is the use of two pilots?
Ha, somehow Boota and Simon love Nia's cooking

Oh good reason for two pilots, Simon takes break
Drill to the heavens

Nia in his lap, very cute
Leyte Jokin in the engine room, the bottom half of her top is missing
Hmm. How did he think to jam his spiral into the Spiral King? I suppose no different than his intuition to do so many things... but the Spiral King seemed surprised of the spiral core. Is it possible to have spiral power without one?
Seemed too easy...
What's with this cryptic warning?

1a: The format of this recap episode is different from a lot of recap epsiodes I've seen in other animes
1b: Resumed the summary

Credits show them older. Will there be a time skip?
Seven years
"No way"
She kept the ring... so...
Wonder what will become of Rossiu. He seems so strict
Huh. Rossiu doesn't let Simon fight...
Viral's not wrong. Forcing persons to live above ground isn't different from the Spiral King forcing them to live underground.
Hmm... well Rossiu certainly seems to be filling that evil role
Kiyoh's baby is the millionth baby!
Disposed Gunmen!?!

1a: Rossiu's annoying...
1a: Whoa. Rossiu is hiding Lordgenome
1a: I suspected as much... that Rossiu surfacing persons contributes to the activation. And here Lordgenome revealed it... unfortunately I didn't write down the suspicion ahead of time :)
1a: [Fell asleep]
1b: Resume ep 18 around 14 mark but this mark is a little early so there's some repeat
1b: It's kind of explained that 1 million is some critical mass, but setting a smaller critical mass seems more effective. Why not preempt the issue?
1c: Resume around 17 min mark
1c: I determined that I already saw (during "1a") up to the 19 min mark
1c: Ugh... the people are angry...
1c: What!?! Rossiu doesn't answer to himself but instead places Simon under arrest...
1a=20220618,1b=20220619,1c=20220620 AM Hours

Boota too
So... the people would have rather just have died? So much entitlement...
Priest Adai village? I don't remember... but I guess Simon implies Rossiu has gone bad [it is the village where Rossiu is from, as well as the twins Gimmy and Darry. I vaguely recall the chief there sacrificing lives to keep it at a limit]
Hehe they think the new types are better than the old types... guess it's kind of like the Iron Man suit
I agree. Unfair trial. It seems Rossiu made up the law to begin with.
I hope Simon makes a cool escape with his Gurren Lagann
Nia is still wearing his ring
"Rossiu, you son of a bitch" says one of Simon's allies
Wait his spiral core... will he be able to fight without it?
This episode is really hard to watch...
Meh, I'd rather the Anti-Spirals win against such a jerk of a population.
Oh it seems Simon was temporarily given his core drill
Scrapped! That's foolish.
I thought a redeeming factor would be for Rossiu to secretly let Simon out. However, by the end of the episode that doesn't seem to be the case
1=20220620 AM Hours

Aren't they gonna beat up Simon? (cafeteria)
Okay, here we go (locker room)
Haha. "Begin the checklist." "Activating!"
Ha! Kept them in good condition!
Rossiu ignores Lordgenome's comment about the effectiveness of the Gunmen.
Interesting that Nia reprots the situation to Simon...
Hahaha. Yoko shows up "So I don't see you for a while, and you have to go and turn into a real boring bitch... Nia."

176K people. So About 824K people are still on Earth left to die (as left to Rossiu)
One year earlier!?!
Oh, I didn't notice that the teacher (Yomoko) was actually Yoko
Yoko beats up those beastman real easy.
"You are someone who ought to survive." - Rossiu in a message to Yoko. Blah
Presumably there's an extra seat in Gurren Lagann
Nice. Viral to help pilot Gurren Lagann
"Just who the hell do you think I am?"

Haha. Nice. Simon and Viral head towards the Arc-Gurren to combine
Raging Wave Combining! Arc-Gurren Lagann!
So he succeeded in reaching out to Nia (as I spotted the ring)
It's weird that the moon is somehow both the Anti-Spiral's mass anihilation weapon and the Spiral King's flagship [this is explained near the start of the next episode]
And the old Nia calls out to him prior to leaving

The Cathedral Terra was stolen by the Anti-Spiral and disguised as the moon
Gurren Lagaan < Arc-Gurren < Cathedral Terra
Haha, most people are bored.
Hahaha. "It means that love changes the universe"
Rossiu returned to Adai Village (and runs into Father Magin)
Hmm. It's possible it's a special book, just that he couldn't find the translation
Spiral Perceptual Teleportation system
Hehe. "Let's see you grit those teeth!"
Lol. All this story with the in-anime characters being confused is hilarious
Haha. He wants to go with.
They pull out the moon
Haha. Yoko's new outfit
He says "Bro, I'm heading out" in the dub, but the subtitles say "Bro, I'll be back."
Hehe. The one guy is still staring at Yoko's breast
Simon actually looks a little like Kamina (I assume that would be intentional?

1a: Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann
1a: These different parts of the body. Why don't they combine?
1b: Resume 11 minutes
1b: Twins saving twins

What a team. To stick with Simon.
Whaaa Boota emitting spiral energy? No one notices?
Lol did Boota use space teleportation
Lol. Boota powering Gurren Lagann.
Hahaha. Kind of a deus ex machina? [I suppose the whole show, and similar shows, are always surprising]
King Kittan Giga Drill Break!!! That was legit cool.
Hehe. The Spiral King continues to narrate as if he already knows, but the information would have been useful to divulge... I suppose to be fair he thought the probabilty of success was low...
Goggles on.
Hehe his goggles transform.

Lol probabilty altering missiles.
Haha wha random Schrodinger warp
Huh... what's going on? Alternate lives? Why is Lordgenome not affected [apparently because he is now just biocomputer]
Huh why wasn't Boota affected.
Smile when the hell did you get taller than me
Spiral King?

Who are the main characters in this scene?
Tengen Koppa Gurren Lagann
Boota returned to his animal form
What exactly does equal terms mean?
Uh... what? (Locked away and halted evolution)
Hahaha "I got the best wife on the universe swing"
How does the Antispiral have so much power to be afraid of Spiral power?
Lazengann Overload
"Simon, take it" lol
Hahahaha. Each mini piece coming out until finally Simon ejects from (Lagann). Epic
Ben says "theyre holding hands" (he watched this episode and the last)
Oh no. [They knew?]
Huh... he handed the drill to Gimmy. Not sure that makes sense. But okay.
Prologue in the credits

Gurren Lagann
a.k.a. Tengen toppa gurren lagann (Japanese Title)

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