Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

I was planning to watch this movie in theaters but didn't get around to it. So when I saw it was one of the movies I could watch during my flight, I jumped on the opportunity.

With all the action, I wish I had seen it on the big screen. Regardless, I'm glad I saw the film and I would add that the movie was definitely more than just the action. More explicitly, Spider-Man: Homecoming had a great story which masterfully defined the struggles of and foundation for this new Peter Parker starring actor Tom Holland.

While I couldn't help but occasionally feel like Tony Stark and/or Happy was taking an extremely hands-off approach to superhero parenting, I suppose in the end it all worked out and it made for a great film.

In regards to the cast, it was great to see more of Tom Holland after his appearance in Captain America: Civil War (2016). I would also put my hands together for Michael Keaton's performance as the antagonist Adrian Toomes / Vulture: a real sense of dark and self-righteousness.

With respect to some of the actors in the role of smaller characters, I look forward to seeing Zendaya (who played Michelle) and Jacob Batalon (who played Ned) in the film's sequel.

Overall, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a welcomed fresh take on Spider-Man and I can't wait for more.


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Is he gonna be the bad guy? (prior to him punching guy) Also cause he's famous. (Michael Keaton)
lol. He's so hyped about his new suit.
This vlog... hahaha
"When's our next retreat?"
Oh weird, this movie takes place two months later...
hehe. Making web in science class... a little suspension of disbelief. How discrete can one actually pull off mixing chemicals during class?
Cool suit (tightens to his form)
Seems silly that he changes in the open.
"Don't make me come down there you punk." (Stan Lee cameo)
lol. That girl.
The pressure of being a teenager.
lol. The lack of tall objects
Cool wireless suit
"Can't you be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?"
hmm, but he did call Happy.
lol. Not anti-gravity gun.
hehe. Publicity for USAD.
Well-played on training mode for suit.
haha. Zero.
lol. 98%
Interesting that Adrian found out during the drive and not before the drive.
hehe. Peter crashes the car on purpose
lol. Headlights. Shouldn't they have already been on?
hahahaha. "I'm... looking... at porn."
nice. "My friends call me MJ"
lol May. "What the f*&#"
My interpretation is he's honoring that Spider-Man saved his life. Just like he honored that Spider-Man saved his daughter's life.
lol. How many more of these.

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