Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016)

I started watching this movie today starting with the car escape action sequence. And while I don't remember when, but I had watched the car escape action sequence once before.

*14/15/16, but also before The NeverEnding Story.


Today I watched the first part of the movie which I never saw before.

In any case, about a fourth of the movie is spent slowly setting up the story. Considering the expected genre, this could have been condensed and traded for more action.

For comparison, I vaguely remember Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), but I'd be willing to say it is a better movie than Keeping Up with the Jones.

Overall, the movie lacks enough action and has a mediocre plot. I would generally advise not watching it.

Instant Comments:
1b: Hahaha. "If I find pictures of her ass on his phone, BJ night is canceled."
1b: Siri messes up the recording.
1b: Haha. "There is a Chinese word for cul-de-sac."
1b: That wriggling snake...
1b: Ha! "We do it really fast in case the kids come running into our room."
1b: "I could crack a walnut down there if I needed to."
1b: After the weak/strong Karen line, I went to IMDb to look up the actress who played Natalie Jones. I learned it was an actress named Gal Gadot, but I hadn't heard of that name before. Going to her IMDb page, I was surprised to find that she was Wonder Woman (in Wonder Woman)! I couldn't believe I didn't recognize she was Wonder Women. Though in all fairness, she does appear to be taller and skinnier in this movie than in Wonder Woman.
1b: Also Isla Fisher looks like Amy Adams. Though when compared side-to-side, I still like Amy Adams more.
1b: I started watching some scenes I had already seen and they made more sense.
1b: A lot more time passed in the Joneses' conversation than seemed to pass from the Gaffney's point of view.
1b: The one thing I was thinking though, was that even though Dan had logged in using Jeff's computer, wouldn't he have had to put in his own login information?
1a: Tim was worried the Gaffneys wouldn't make it in time (they need to arrive in 45 minutes) because they started having sex. But they finished in under a minute.
1a=2017071X, 1b=20171112

Watched the second half (last 50 minutes) on 2017071X (television), the first half (first 55 minutes) on 20171112
Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) Greg Mottola. 105 min

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