Henry (2015)

Today I watched my first VR film and it was marvelous. In addition to the great story, the experience showed how the viewer can be embedded into the scene as opposed to simply watching the scene through some fourth wall.

A subtle moment that I took great pleasure in was the appearance of a lady bug which crawls under the table. In traditional film, the lady bug would then be forever out of view. However, due to the medium of VR, I was able (of my own choice) to duck and peer under the table in order to view the lady bug. While this particular example didn't add any additional meaning to the film, it is an example of the type of door which VR opens.

Overall, while the novelty played a part in my enjoyment of the short, the story was also good and I would highly recommend anybody who has access to a Rift or Gear VR to check out the film.

Instant Comments:
When I was placed onto the rug I began looking around and I tried to move around. The video would get gray as I approached certain boundaries. I was unsure if these coincided with my Guardian System Boundaries or not.
The ladybug goes under the table.
Aww. What a cute ending.

Watched 20170720 (Oculus Rift)
Henry (2015) Ramiro Lopez Dau. 12 min

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