Notting Hill (1999)

Having read that this movie would be leaving Netflix, I decided to give it a watch. Overall, Notting Hill was a solid romantic comedy. There was, however, a general lack of chemistry between Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

William Thacker (Hugh Grant)

The film had moments that reminded me of the 1994 romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, which shares Hugh Grant as the lead actor as well as screenwriter Richard Curtis. From what I wrote in my post for Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill is the better of the two.

At the end of the day, I can't remember the last romantic comedy I've seen which is as good as Notting Hill, not counting Roman Holiday which I watched again just the other day.

Instant Comments:
What is this intro song and how old is this film... I'd guess 1990's. [It's 1999]
"I Love Ken"
"I Love Blood" versus "Get It Here" versus "You're the most beautiful woman in the world"
(hahaha, punchline: "Fancy a Fuck?" on the back)
Haha. "It's not a classic anecdote is it?"

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts)

"Surreal, but nice."
What an unexpected kiss
"Then I'll tell you a story that will make your balls shrink to the size of raisins."
"There's something wrong with this yogurt." "It's not yogurt, it's mayonnaise."
Haha. "How 'bout the new John Grisham..."
"You want me to write down all your messages?"
References The Flintstones: Flintstone.
Haha. Horse & Hound.
References Bambi (1942): Mrs. Bambi.
"Excellent. Wait a minute. She took your grandmother's flowers." "Uh, yeah, yeah. That's right. Bitch."
Hahaha. All these extra interviews.
References Black Beauty (1994).

Clockwise: (from left): Anna, Max (Tim McInnerny), Honey Thacker (Emma Chambers), William,  Bernie (Hugh Bonneville), Bella (Gina McKee)

I love this song, "When You Say Nothing at All." This song is by Ronan Keating and recorded for the movie.
"Whoopsie daisies."
"Come and sit with me."
References Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
Rotating tube. A reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).
"I knew a girl at school named Pandora. Never got to see her box, though."
The actress cracks a smile when he says "Poor old carrots..."
Emily Mortimer is so beautiful. Hehe, she's credited as "Perfect Girl".
He still has some shaving cream on him when he opens the door.
"You must be Spike."
Marc Chagall
Classic. Big feet = Large shoes.
Haha. "Well this is tart."
Hahahaha. Spike embraces the publicity.
Though one note is why he let her open the door.

Spike (Rhys Ifans)

Hehe. Spike may have told some people but he didn't do it for money.
Nice passing of time.
It's definitely a pairing of mixed messages. And certainly something that happens.
Huh. He didn't mention that he overheard her talking.
Oh. Now it comes out.
References Ghost (1990)
Quite complicated.
"You daft prick."
Haha. The hilarity of everybody squishing into the car.
Haha. James Bond never had to put up with this sort of shit.
References Pocahontas: Ms. Pocahontas.
This romantic ending is one of those exciting ones.

The film was actually filmed on location in Notting Hill (in addition to studios in London, England).

Watched 20160626 (Netflix, Instant)
Notting Hill (1999) Roger Mitchell. 124 min

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