The Village (2004)

I was hesitant to watch The Village because it seemed like a scary movie. My friend Josh, however, assured me that The Village was not a scary movie.

With that being said, the atmosphere of the movie was improved by watching the film at night.

Overall, the movie was about suspenseful as Signs (2002) (also directed by Shyamalan), but I like Signs more. 20150404 1:35AM PT

Instant Comments:
Red flower.
Could be anybody with these carcasses.
I love you Lucius... and rejected.
Noah Percy's role reminds me of the movie Cube and its protagonist.
Physical box of secrets.
The creature almost got a jumpscare on me, but the noise it made as it scurried across wasn't loud enough.
That blind girl is crazy, haha.
Red mark, so visual.
I still think his color is red.
Focus on red chair.
Focus on blue chair.
Noah sits in the blue chair with bad color.
"Ivy do your very best not to scream." She asks, "What?"
Yellow is the safe color. 20150404 12:36AM PT
So I figured it was fake, because how can you make a truce with beasts.
But... it's quite a shock to learn that it was just the townspeople themselves.
If Noah has a unique color... not sure.
Guess she would look more distraught.
That's quite a plot twist.
Director cameo.
Oh, and while I didn't see the big plot twist, I did think the skinnings were an inside job. 20150404 1:14AM PT
[20170306: I found out that actress Bryce Dallas Howard (Ivy Walker in The Village) is the leading actress of Jurassic World (2015); she looks so different (11 years is a lot of time)]

Watched 20150403
The Village (2004) M. Night Shyamalan. 108 min

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