Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

While the ending was confusing, I liked the movie. The action was great and the story was good. 10:22PM PT

Overall, if you're picky about sci-fi plots which involve time travel like I am, you might stay away from Edge of Tomorrow. However, if you're more focused on action and could care less for obvious sci-fi plot holes, Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie to watch.

Instant Comments:
Lol. The battery.
Tape. Haha.
A military Groundhog Day (1993).
How many times did he have to relive the day before getting to "find me before you wake up."
My middle name is Rose.
I don't get the ending. (I don't think time should have reset again, especially not as far as it did.)

Watched 20150404
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Doug Liman. 113 min [botn All You Need Is Kill (2014) by Hiroshi Sakurazaka]

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