The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014)

As of 20170306, it's been two years and I don't remember a thing about this movie.


Instant Comments:
Gets to keep her cat.
Everyone's gonna wanna kiss you, kill you, or be you.
"I like you better without the makeup." "I like you better sober." 10:25PM PT
I will fight.
Damn, there were about a fourth as many soldiers as workers.
Unfortunately I don't remember the second movie, but it's possible that Pita was staged.
Though the host is probably loyal to the Capitol...
How'd he know she was gonna kiss him. I don't follow.
Wow, "The Hanging Tree" song as used in the movie is more interesting. 10:55PM PT
She went back for the cat...
Wow, the Capitol destroyed everything and drops white roses.
Wait, I couldn't hear if she was more sad for Gale or Peeta.
Wait, so "They let us go" means they were followed, which is not good.
Lol, for a moment I thought the movie was gonna end with the pan hit.
Though, I think it would have been a better end than the way it ended.
Dedicated to Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Is this Lorde? Yes.
After the credits, the transformation of the Mockingjay symbol was pretty cool.
I read about "The Hanging Tree" lyrics. Interesting. 12:06AM

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) Francis Lawrence. 123 min

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