Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

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Escape from Alcatraz (1979) Don Siegel. 112 min [bot non-fiction notsn (1963)

Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood)

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20140329: [20151010]
While watching this movie, I learned that it was based on a true story: June 1962 Alcatraz escape (

This did not, however, have any bearing on the movie for me. That is to say, the movie would not have been any better or worse if I had not known this fact.

In any case, the dramatization of the story was interesting and I enjoyed the film as a whole. Though to be honest, these comments are from overall impression (today is 20151010, almost one and a half years after seeing the film).

Doc (Roberts Blossom)

Instant Comments:
"Welcome to Alcatraz."
Haha. Ouch. The prisoner let the match burn down to his fingers.
"No one has escaped from Alcatraz. And no one ever will."
That nail cutter at the 17 minute mark. I wasn't quite paying attention.

Clarence Anglin (Jack Thibeau) and John Anglin (Fred Ward)

Hehe. Don't mess with Clint Eastwood.
Oh shit. I didn't see that coming (Frank's reply to English). English says "Now I figure there's two reasons why you didn't sit down on my step. Either you're too scared, or you just hate niggers. Now which is it, boy? You too scared? Hmm?" Frank replies, "Nah, I just hate niggers."

That sucks that Morris also gets placed into D-Block (
"Here. Put that in your report."
Damn, that's a lot of patience.
Oh, Danny Glover was one of the inmates.

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