The Guild

Codex (Felicia Day)

I watched Season 1 and Season 2 once before.

[20140323][20170527 Edit]

Today I watched the first season of The Guild (again).

Today I watched the second season of The Guild. I didn't remember the start of it, but I definitely remembered the Asian stuntman (in particular, I knew he was a stuntman as soon as he was tumbling down the stairs).

Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) S1E02

Season 1:

[Episode 1]
"There's a gnome warlock in my room, sleeping on the coach."
"I play with real people."
"Tomorrow Mommy's teaching you to use the microwave."

Vork (Jeff Lewis) S1E03

[Episode 2]
"I know the floorplan of every place you've ever lived."

[Episode 3]
"My dad turned gay." "And her ex-boyfriend too."
"Like before I started breeding!?!"
"+5 Sexterity."

[Episode 4]
"Your breasts are very pillowy."

Clara (Robin Thorsen) S1E04

"Argh you ready to be seated?"
Haha. They don't know how to talk about real life.
"That was a lie. Lied to my own webcam."

[Episode 5]
"Yeah... that's the plot to Ugly Betty." Hahahaha.
Hahaha. "Cut the cheese."
"...a whole." "Hahaha, you said 'a-hole.'"

Tinkerballa "Tink" (Amy Okuda) S1E01

[Episode 6]
" wizard staff into your mana pool..."

[Episode 7]
[Episode 8]
WTF. Polyps.
"Help me Codex-won, you're my only hope."

[Episode 9]
"It'd be so much easier to measure life in experience points."
"This is really good pudding."

Bladezz (Vincent Caso) S1E10

[Episode 10]
Haha. Awesome real life boss fight.
"Don't bother changing your mind, I always wanted a sewing room."
"Too bad she didn't drop any loot." "She dropped some loot for Codex." "Oh sh..."

Season 2:

[Episode 1]
Haha. A T1 line.
And meanwhile Clara's children.

[Episode 2]
Oops. I just dropped 8 gigs of ram down my pants.
"Don't get me wrong, you still get me hard like an old-school joystick..."
Homeless shelter and dial-up.
"Linger-ree" - Zaboo

[Episode 3]
Non-disclosure agreements. "Even dates, hypothetically speaking."
Haha. He moves the fence back.
Codex is concerned with Zaboo living with Vork.

[Episode 4]
Clara got out of her own sister's wedding [oh, half-sister]

[Episode 5]
Hahahahaha. She throws up on him from after squeezing the fake eyeball.

[Episode 6]
Clara is hilarious.
Hehe. Codex flat out told Bladezz that Tink is using him and he didn't respond.
"Zaboo, you don't touch a man's key bindings."
Ha, he did the bottle fake out. I showed my girlfriend the bottle fake out just the other day (when we were walking out of the airport). Though I didn't make it as discreet.

[Episode 7]
Oh, I didn't realize what Zaboo was eating. He was making ramen.
Ha. Codex uses her therapist. Clever... until her therapist figured it out.

[Episode 8]
Ha. Clara was the Matron of Honor.

[Episode 9]
"How do you think they got the color out of it?"
Haha. Zaboo and Vork immediately go for internet poker over poker with real cards.
"Cool, give me one of these frosted broadswords." - Tink

[Episode 10]
That's true. With less people using the open wi-fi, they will have less lag.
Haha. "I thought you were his girlfriend." "Oh, no! No. No, no, no. Just roommate. And occasional fuck buddy, of course. But mostly roommate."
Codex ends her long rant with "I hate people."

[Episode 11]
Hahaha. "Ah, so those are abs."

[Episode 12]
"Now I know how King Arthur felt when Lancelot caressed his wife's genitalia." - Vork
"Guess my princess is in another castle." - Zaboo
Wow. Deleting Tink's character is kind of intense. Maybe overkill. I just thought he would have transferred a lot of in-game gold.

The Guild

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