Bill Burr: Let It Go (2010)

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Bill Burr: Let It Go (2010) Shannon Hartman. 65 min

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20140321: [20150817]
I forgot to make a summary, see 20150817.

Instant Comments:
"Don't be afraid, it's only gonna kill the weak."
That whole "most difficult job on the planet" bit was pretty good. Probably not true, but hilarious.

"How do you know that? You don't know that. Shut up." Hahahaha.
Hahaha. "It's not even like I'm suicidal, I'm just lazy, you know?"
Hahaha. Hahahahaha. The "What a fag!" bit is solid. (Exaggerates the situation of guys who say "What a fag!")
Haha! "I'm not cold, I'm not cold, I'm just thinking of something I really agree with."
Hahaha. His "rescue dog" bit is pretty good.

I never made a summary on this special after watching it the first time, and so I decided to watch it again. Unfortunately, I didn't finish watching it... at least not today.

Instant Comments:
"We're the only species that saves the weak."
Hahaha. Punchline to "That's why there's no traffic on the Serengeti."
Huh. The before and after placement of the curse word.

"Why are you yelling?"
[pause at 20 minutes]

I enjoy Bill Burr's style of humor. In particular, I like how it feels natural and down-to-Earth.

But what separates Bill Burr from most other comedians I've watched is that Bill Burr creates a lot of his humor from telling stories which are either exaggerations of the truth or altogether made up.

Regardless, Burr's delivery and style definitely get me laughing out loud.

With that being said, I would suggest the viewer remember not to take what Burr says too seriously. It's much funnier that way.

Instant Comments:
Hahaha. Sarcastically rags on the married life.
Hahaha. Haha. His response about going to Hell.
Hahahaha. "He's got an umbrella!"
Hahahahaha. Hahaha. Carving a pumpkin.

Hahahaha. That entire bit is hilarious. Hahahahaha.
So true. "Not allowed."
"It's like a Tarantino movie."
Hahahaha. Duracell commercial.
References Saving Private Ryan.
References The Ring.

His theory on why old men are worse off than old women and why they have that weird looking face.

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