Catch-22 (1970)

Watched 20140325 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (Streaming until 20140401)
Catch-22 (1970) Mike Nichols. 122 min

Capt. John Yossarian (Alan Arkin)
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Lt. Col. Korn (left) (Buck Henry) and Col. Cathcart (right) (Martin Balsam)
Having read only the beginning of the novel of the same name by Joseph Heller, I didn't really know what to expect from the movie.

While I definitely felt confused after the first viewing, I look forward to watching this movie again.

Capt. Nately (left) (Arthur Garfunkel)
Instant Comments:
The first three minutes are calm and quiet.
The Catch-22 is explained 11 minutes into the film.
Ha. The plane lands and crashes behind them.

1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder (Jon Voight)
Haha. The parachutes got taken to sell as silk.
Oh my goodness. They just switched the urine bottle with the IV bottle.
Haha. "I drifted for almost three days."

Maj. Major Major (Bob Newhart)
Oh, I just recognized Milo is Jon Voight. (when Yossarian confronts him about the parachute)
Holy shit. Right in half.

Chalain Capt. A.T. Tappman (Anthony Perkins)
and First Sgt. Towser (Norman Fell)
Oh my goodness, they're all crazy. "Jump."
Hahaha. At around the 1 hour 9 minute mark, people are actually being called crazy.
I wonder how many times the word "crazy" is said in the film.

1st Lt. Dobbs (Martin Sheen)
"All great countries are destroyed."
Haha. These people are crazy. How do they not recognize they're own family.
"It's not Harvey, Ma, it's Yossarian."

Brig. Gen. Dreedle (center) (Orson Welles) and
Dreeedle's WAC  (to his left) (Susanne Benton).
"What difference does it make?"
Strange plot twist at 1 hour 35 minutes mark.
He's such a nice guy. He pays $10 to tell the girl that Nately is dead. Even worse, he takes a beating for it.

Dr. 'Doc' Daneeka (Jack Gilford) and Yossarian
Oh wow. It just... full view.
Yeah. Haha. Well. I'm not sure how much I like the ending, but the story was good.
Oh wow, I totally forgot that Yossarian is played by Alan Arkin. I didn't recognize him at all.

Maj. Danby (Richard Benjamin)

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