Face/Off (1997)

Watched once before.
Watched 20140125 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20140201)
Face/Off (1997) John Woo. 138 min

Sean Archer (top) (John Travolta) and
Castor Troy (bottom) (Nicolas Cage)
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This movie had a lot of action and was fun to watch.

Dr. Eve Archer (Joan Allen)
The plot, however, was a bit far-fetched. In particular, there were many instances in the plot that would have aroused serious suspicious or at least an investigation in real life.

With that being said, the quality of the action outweighed the details of the plot. In fact, the overall plot was quite exciting in and of itself.

Castor Troy (John Travolta)
Instant Comments:
Lol, the sipping on a soda is interesting.
"Peach." [...] "I can eat a peach for hours."
Hehe. Playing chicken with a jet.

Sean Archer (Nicolas Cage)
What a gunfight.
"When this is over, I want you to take this face, and burn it."
"Peach. I can eat peach a peach for hours."
Man, so risky. Any little thing could go wrong.

Pollux Troy (Alessandro Nivola)
Oh man, I wonder how much pain he's feeling with no face.
Oh, painkillers.
"What do you want?" "Take one God damn guess."
Haha. He makes no effort to act like Sean.

Ha. He was so casual about it, but almost failed.
Funny that no one knows Archer well enough to notice his drastic change in personality. Though I guess no one knows such technology exists.
Ah, his wife is suspicious, thank goodness.
Perhaps not suspicious enough.

Shit he downed that. What a gamble.
"Tiny surgery. I'd like to take his face... off."
Okay, there he goes to use the restroom. Oh what, I thought he was gonna induce vomiting.
"He's yours too."

Jamie Archer (Dominique Swain)
Shit, is it common for LAPD just to fire like that?
"Oh well, Plan B, let's just kill each other."
Sucks to be that guy. "Sir, why you so upset? It's just Pollux Troy."
"And I'm bored."

Castor Troy's guns.
Wow, quite a standoff.
Castor was a little silly to reveal himself to Jamie as a fake, but I guess he probably wasn't thinking.
That's a cool end to a speedboat sequence.
Man, to inflict pain on yourself in attempt to punish your enemy.

Sean Archer gets his face off.
Going through the list of actors, I found that Alessandro Nivola, the actor who played Pollux Troy, was the protagonist in Five Dollars a Day (2008). It's interesting how a pair of glasses can entirely change how someone looks.
Pigeon trainer.

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