Forrest Gump (1994)

While I remembered many of the famous lines and a couple key scenes, I had forgotten many of the details found in Forrest Gump. At the same time, I watched it so long ago that I probably didn't recognized as many pop culture and historical references then as I do now.

Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) tells his life story to anyone who will listen as he waits for his bus.

A charming movie about a man with a good heart, Forrest Gump is a movie that I'd certainly watch again.

If you've never seen Forrest Gump before, then don't hesitate to watch it when you get the chance.


Netflix determined the movie for me as a 93% match. I gave the movie a thumbs up.


A young Forrest (Michael Conner Humphreys) inspires a young Elvis Presley with his dancing.

Instant Comments:
Oh right, Sinise is in this film. I also recently saw him in Of Mice and Men.
"My momma always said. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get."
"Well are you gonna sit down or aren't you?"
"Are you stupid or something?" "Momma says stupid is as stupid does."
"Run Forrest, run!" - young Jenny

"Run Forrest, run!" - young Jenny Curran (Hanna R. Hall)

"From that day on, if I was going somewhere... I was running!"
"Run Forrest, run!" - Jenny
"He must be the stupidest son of a bitch alive. But he sure is fast!"
Hahaha. I doubt I realized this line on previous watchings: "I think I ruined your roommate's bathrobe."
Jenny replies, "I don't care. I don't like her anyway."
"Run! Run! Run! [...] Stop! Stop! Stop!"

Forrest, in leg braces, walking along with his mother (Sally Field).

Aww. The seats are still taken.
"Sit down if you want to."
"Gump, what's your sole purpose in this army?!" "To do whatever you tell me, drill sergeant!" 'God damn it, Gump! You're a goddamned genius! Thats the most outstanding answer I have ever heard! You must have a goddamned I.Q. of 160! You are goddamned gifted, Private Gump!"
"Shrimp is the fruit of the sea."
"And just like that, she was gone." Aww, that's a sad little moment.

"Run Forrest, run!" - Jenny Curran (Robin Wright)

FNG = Fucking New Guy
Ha. "And we were always looking for this guy named Charlie."
"Run Forrest, run!"
I never remembered the bit about Forrest saving soldier after soldier.
"Bubba was my best good friend."
That's quite memorable: "You're still Lieutenant Dan."

Army buddies Forrest and Bubba (Mykelti Williamson) find themselves on the way to war in Vietnam.

Hehe. Lennon's lyrics.
The song from Midnight Cowboy plays.
Haha. Lt. Dan parodies the famous scene from Midnight Cowboy. "Hey, hey, are you blind!?! I'm walking here! Ah, get out!" Of course the irony here is that Lt. Dan is in a wheelchair.
One of the more powerful scenes in the film: "What are you stupid or something?" [...] "Don't call him stupid!"
Haha, the Watergate Scandal.
Hehe. He just let his boat go.

Lieutenant Dan Taylor (Gary Sinise) greets his new soldiers.

"Well you ain't got no legs, Lieutenant Dan."
Hahaha. "You call this a storm!?! Blow, you son of a bitch, blow!"
"He got me invested in some kind of fruit company." Ha: Apple Computer, Inc.
"Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough rocks."
"I just felt like running."
Haha! "Whoa! Man, you just ran through a big pile of dogshit!" "It happens" "What, shit?" "Sometimes." = "Shit happens."

A reference to the movie Midnight Cowboy.

"I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now."
The story catches up with itself at the two hour mark.
It's Haley Joel Osment!
"You got new legs. New legs!" "Yeah. I got new legs."
"Of course, and you're Dorothy Harris, and I'm Forrest Gump."

Forrest, after a lot of running, decides to end his journey.

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