Everything Must Go (2010)

Watched bits and parts of the movie before.
Watched 20131019 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (Streaming until 20131021)
Everything Must Go (2010) Dan Rush. 97 min [bot short story "Why Don't You Dance?" (1978) by Raymond Carver]

Nick Halsey (Will Ferrell)

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Nick hires Kenny Loftus (Christopher C.J. Wallace), a kid
from the neighborhood, to help him sell his belongings.

I had seen bits and parts of the movie before when my sister watched the movie a year or two ago. The first bit that I definitely remembered seeing was about halfway into the movie, when Nick meets up with an old high school classmate.

Detective Frank Garcia (Michael Peña), Nick's AA sponsor.

While some parts of the movie were slightly confusing, the confusion did not deter from my overall viewing experience and I definitely enjoyed the movie. As a whole, the film felt a bit more serious than Stranger Than Fiction (2009), the only other movie (as of 20131023) where Ferrell has a serious role. While I like the story in this film less than that of Stranger Than Fiction, I enjoyed Ferrell's performance equally in both films.

Nick's new neighbor Samantha (Rebecca Hall)

I look forward to seeing Ferrell in more serious films and also seeing him in more serious roles. In the meantime, I would recommend viewers watch either Everything Must Go or Stranger Than Fiction.

Instant Comments:
Ha. That's cute. Either her daughter is real friendly or he's just a friendly looking guy.
Ha. The cashier has a smirk on his face after he says, "You better leave. Yeah, run."
The fortune cookie reads "Everything is not yet lost."

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