The One (2001)

This film made me realize that parallel universes is a strange concept. Does everybody exist in every universe? Including insects and such? Then how will each universe evolve and behave differently. Surely then we can have multiple universes and perhaps some which resemble each other, but to have even one person exists in some form in every universe is ridiculous. Perhaps it can happen that two people that are similar to some degree, but not two versions of the same person. In that situation, the DC Multiverse is acceptable, but the concept put forth in this movie is not. Aside from the science fiction, the action was pretty fun. Actually, now that I think about it, the only other thing I liked about the movie was the music.

Basically, watch this movie if you ever wondered what would happen if Jet Li were to fight himself. Would either Jet Li win?

Great scene: The very last scene where Yu Law (the "bad" Jet Li) is just being a bad-ass.

The comments I made on 20111016 seem to me like I was confused. If I could go back in time, I would explain to myself that there's a difference between parallel universes and a cone of possibilities. The DC Multiverse is a good example of how parallel universes could be. Some universes could be similar to the one you're living in, just by coincidence.

Watched 20111016 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (English subtitles)
The One (2001) James Wong. 87 min.

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