King Kong (1976)

I didn't like the ending. Quite a tragedy. Admittedly I didn't give the movie my full attention, but from what I saw, it doesn't deserve my full attention. It was a mediocre movie. The only interesting character was the protagonist Jack Prescott.

I didn't realize, until looking on that the character Jack Prescott was played by Jeff Bridges.

Instant Comments:
Haha, "Did you ever meet anyone before whose life was saved by 'Deep Throat'?"
Lol "Let's not get eaten alive on this island... bring the mosquito spray!" Gotta love all the foreshadowing.
"Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong!"
"You Goddamn chauvinist pig ape!"
Oh wow, that waterfall, shower, bath, and blow dry scene is interesting
Nice, Kong causes destruction to the train.

Watched 20111010 (Netflix, Instant) (English CC subtitles)
King Kong (1976) John Guillerman. 134 mins.

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